May 30, 2008

Oh Man!

Heart pounding.

Mouth Dropped.

Mind Racing.

What do I do??? What do I do?? Don't Panic!! Don't Panic!!



OK, lets face it, I was freaking out!

Here's a very brief rundown of what happened:

Matthew was in the jumper (the kind that hangs from the doorway). And Mandie was eating an apple. Me and Mandie were playing with Matthew while he 'jumped'. (He doesn't jump, he just hangs there because he's too little to jump). I go to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer and see Scout, the dog, heaving in the back yard . . . and then she throws up. I hurry and do the clothes and then slip out to check on Scout. She seems to be fine, who knows what she ate! I turn around to get back in the house and . . .

Heart Pounding.

Mouth Dropped.

Mind Racing.

What do I do? Don't Panic.

I immediately run across the street to my neighbors house to see if I can use her phone. Praise God she was home. I call Luke. He calmly says he'll be right home to figure something out. The problem was that the storm door in the front was locked, and the screen door in the back was locked, neither of those doors have keys, they can only be locked or unlocked from the inside. I was ready to smash them in with a hammer, but Luke told me to just wait for him. So I did. Mandie was inside eating her apple as if nothing at all had happened. I could not here Matthew, but Mandie said he was starting to cry! That was not good news! Luke finally arrived home. He got some tools from the garage to try to pick the lock. In case you are confused, our garage is detached from the house. You can't get into the house from the garage. While Luke is getting tools I am trying to coax Mandie to unlock the screen door. Something like this, "Hi Mandie!! OK, honey push it up!! Can you push the button up! Push it up honey!!" And then, somehow, some way, SHE DID IT! She opened the door! We were in! I hugged her so hard and then RAN to my fussing son. That's right, he wasn't really even crying. He was fine! Praise God!!

It may be that based on the above story I should not be the person handing out parenting advice. However, here it is. If you ever lock yourself out of your house and your children (both under the age of 2) happen to be on the inside, the INSTANT you realize you are locked out go find a phone and call someone who can get you back in your house. Do not waist one single second fighting with a perfectly locked door!

May 20, 2008

Long Time No Blog

When I started blogging my intention was to post at least once a week . . . oops!! Here's a long post with a lot of pictures to make up for my absence! I'll start off with pictures. They are all of Mandie and Matthew, just to warn you.

Here is Matthew in another one of his Daddy's baby outfilts. I love these pictures. It's hard for me to fully understand that Luke was ever really a baby, but I guess the clothes prove it. The day he wore this outfit we took him to Amarillo Little Theater to watch 'The Producers'. Great Job Annika!! He did great while we were there!
The other day I was talking on the phone on the couch and Mandie was just sitting there by me sucking her thumb. After a few minutes she just conked out! I got up and did house work, she didn't move a muscle. Sweet tired girl!!
This is Matthew's first time in the swing. He did good in it, but I ended up putting it back in the closet because Mandie just twirled him around in circles while he was in there. I'll let him get a little stronger before we try again. Mandie decided that little Matthew works really well as a cup holder:

Roll it, and Pat it, and Mark it with a 'B',
and put it in the oven for Baby and Me!!

Look out world, Mandie Lee is large, in charge, and about to turn 2!!

Finally, I want to end this post with a quote. I totally stole this from my sweet friend Elizabeth's facebook page, but it is just to good not to share. You, whoever you are, are lovable . . . and dearly loved!

I mean that to be in a relationship with God is to be loved purely and furiously. And a person who thinks himself unlovable cannot be in a relationship with God because he can't accept who God is; Being that is love. We learn that we are lovable or unlovable from other people. That is why God tells us so many times to love each other. ~Donald Miller

May 10, 2008

M.C. is 3 Months Old!

Well, my little guy turns three months old today! What a blessing he has been to me and to this family! Here is a little sneak peek into his awesome personality! Matthew is one HAPPY baby! He loves to smile and laugh. He likes to gaze into people's eyes with intent looks of adoration and listen to them while they talk to him. He loves to laugh. He loves attention from his sister. He's a GREAT eater! The boy never misses a meal! He's quick when he eats (unfortunately, he spits up with the best of them as well!). You can usually put him anywhere and he'll be happy there. He likes it when new people hold him. He likes to smile through his Paci. He is very expressive with his little grunts and groans. He snores. He likes to be swaddled, as long as one arm is out. He gets the tired silly's about and hour and a half after he eats, and then he just smiles and rolls his eyes around until he finally nods off. He has big hands and his Daddy's Fred Flinstone feet. He is handsome! Yesterday my friend was asking me what his name means, so here is the definition: Matthew means 'Gift from God', and Cooper means either 'barrel maker' or 'handsome' (it is also his great grand-fathers last name on Luke's side). So we usually go with handsome instead of barrel maker. I had a great grand-father on my mom's side who's name was M.C. (well, technically his name was Melvin Cecil . . . but for some reason everyone just called him M.C., I can't imagine why), and those are Matthew's initials. So there you go, he's my 'Handsome Gift from God'. The most recent and wonderful thing about my little boy ........................ drum roll please ............................ he has slept 9, count 'em, 9 hours the past 2 nights! That's right, he's amazing!! Ok, I guess I'll wrap it up about how awesome he is. But I would like to end this post with a simple request. When you read this, please say one honest and heartfelt prayer for my son. The Lord has made Matthew, and the Lord has a plan for Matthew, and the power of the Lord is astonishing!

May 8, 2008

I want to remember

Yesterday morning Matthew woke up around 5:15 am from sleeping in his crib. It was way to early to start the day so I scooped him up, grabbed his paci and we headed to the couch together. We do this a lot, because Matthew goes right back to sleep when we are together, and it allows Luke to get his much needed rest in bed. Anyway, there we were just snuggling and sleeping, when I woke up to the sound of rain on the window. It was so pleasant and soothing. So I just layed there for a little while, holding my new son who was sleeping so sweetly and so soundly, listening to the rain, everyone else in the house was quiet and sleeping. It was a very special moment for me, I realized that the Lord has truly given me the things I most desire in life, a family to love and the ability to love them.

So we slept there for a couple of hours until I heard Mandie start to stir around 7-something. When I heard her, I put sleeping Matthew in his swing and went in to get Mandie. I scooped up my sweet little girl and carried her back to the warm couch by the window and snuggled with her for a good half an hour. It was a wonderful morning with my babies. The perfect start to a rainy day!

I want to remember what it feels like to hold my little ones while they are so little, and to feel there little legs squirming around under the blanket in their effort to find a good sleeping position. I want to remember Mandie's little hand searching my tummy so she can put her little finger in my belly button while she sucks on her thumb. I want to remember Matthew laying on my arm, with his head looking up right at my face, but his eyes resting . . . gently closed. I want to remember the newness of the feeling of responsibility and deep, deep love for these new little people. I want to remember watching Mandie talk, and listening so so hard to her, but still really having no idea what on earth she is talking about. But somehow, she feels heard. I want to remember Mandie grabbing my hand and placing it on her cheek because she is tired and she has seen me put my hand on Matthew's cheek when he is tired. I want to remember Mandie saying "hode him, hode him Mommy" when she picks up a burp rag and carefully places it over her shoulder so she can attempt to burp her little brother. I want to remember Mandie's head cock to the side as she says, "Peeese???" whenever she wants whatever she wants. And I want to remember the sound of her little footprints echoing along the floor as she gallops and hops and runs through the house. These are things I don't want to forget.

Thank you Lord for my little babes. Thank you that they are made in your image. Thank you that you use them every day to teach me about my relationship with you. Thank you for being so patient with me Father. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Poor Matthew!

Mandie is a very loving sister. She truly loves her brother! Any time she pays him any attention at all he is just grinning from ear to ear, which leads me to believe that he really loves her too. It is so amazing to see your kids loving each other, and to know that they will know each other longer than they know anyone else on earth. Crazy. Anyway, yesterday they were in the sunroom together. Mandie was playing and Matthew was in his little bouncer just vibrating away while I was in the kitchen cutting up some fruit (the kitchen opens into the sunroom, so I was really close by) I went out there to check on them and Mandie had her juice cup upside down and she was patting the nozzle on her little table which was letting juice leak out all over the table. I explained that juice is for drinking and put her in a time out so that she would understand that that is just not what we do with our juice. While she was sitting in time out I went in there to clean up the juice and when I passed by little Matthew I bent over to talk to him and smile at him. At that point, I noticed that his hair looked weird. It looked like it had gotten wet, and had already dried. I smelled his hair and quickly realized that Mandie had been poking him with her juice nozzle and apple juice (mixed with water) was leaking out all over his head. Then, apparently she had roughed it up a bit with her little hand. Matthew apparently did not mind this at all. He never made a peep. My bet is that he was smiling the whole time. Anyway, I took a picture of his little head, but it really does no justice to what his hair looked like:

Also, we use mostly cloth diapers with Matthew and the other day I had them out drying on a clothes line in the back yard, it was kinda cute so I took a pic. I also snapped a picture of Scout:

Have a nice day!

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Well, my sweet niece turned 8 on May 6th! I can't believe it, she is getting so big!! Anyway, at her birthday party at Mr. Gatti's Luke asked her, "Whitney, how long have you wanted to be 8?" And Whitney was silent for a moment as she analyzed her answer, then she replied, "Hmmmm, well, about 7 years". To which Luke responded, "Congratulations". It was a sweet little moment!

May 4, 2008

Higher Education and the Persuit of Excellence

Mommy: are you going to go to college Mandie?
Mandie: Yeah!
Mommy: what are you going to study?
Mandie: Daddy!
Daddy: What college are you going to go to Mandie?
Mandie: Bray Burrrr
Daddy: Oh! Braeburn! That's great Mandie! What else are you going to study?
Mandie: Matthew's toes.

May 3, 2008

What a beautiful mess I'm in . . . I think

This Mornings events:

7:45 AM-pull Mandie out of high chair, diaper leaks, pee on Mommy's shirt. Put Mandie in bath
8:10 AM- take Mandie out of bath and decide to let her air out in some big girl panties since she had a slight rash.
8:15 AM- Nurse Matthew, get spit up all over (as usual), Matthew poops, all over Matthews P.J.'s and blanket. Take Matthew to changing table to begin clean up.
8:22 AM- Mandie walks into Matthews room, she says 'Mandie PooPoo'. Proceed to check her panties, very wet, follow her to kitchen where she has puddled the floor. Throw towel on puddle.
8:24 AM- Return to finish cleaning up Matthew. Step in wet puddle on the way in, notice that he has peed all over himself and the floor, proceed to clean up.
8:30 AM- Decide to call sweet husband for some pity, talk to Kim, she gives me some pity, talk to Luke, he recommends calling his Mom for back-up today. GREAT IDEA HONEY!! He also suggests I blog about it to help me find the humor in the situation.
8:45 AM- Clean up Mandie and put her in a diaper, resolve to never put her in big girl panties ever ever again.
8:50 AM- call MiMi to ask for help! She'll help this afternoon! YEAH!!
9:02 AM-Log on to blog
9:11 AM (right now)- off to mop!

Have a Happy Day!!

UPDATE: Children clean and sleeping, house clean, happy Mama! What a beautiful NON-mess I'm in!!