Dec 7, 2011

Mom Confession, and Hope

I went to Bible study this morning. That sounds really nice I bet. But it wasn't really that nice, because to get there I was harping on my kids, raising my voice, being impatient.
While at Bible study, I was struck by 1 Peter chapters one and two. Read them, they're amazing. Also, the speaker quoted a few lines from Steve Green's "Find Us Faithful". I had never heard that song before, but the lines she read were powerful. After Bible study we had several errands to run. Running several errands with several kids can me a little hair-raising. Then we came home to a kitchen full of dirty dishes (and a trash that smelled like baby poop . . . ugh!), laundry that is stacked and ready to be put on hangers, freshly pierced ears that need to be tended to, little bottom's that needed to by wiped, a little baby that was in desperate need of a nap after running errands, ok i'll stop there. The point is, that even after I felt so convicted at Bible study I still came home to real life and I really struggled with being the kind of Christian mother I honestly want to be. When the rubber meets the road, can I handle it in a righteous way? I'm not sure I can!! Anyway, I looked up the rest of the lyrics to this song "find us faithful". My heart is dwelling on this idea of a living hope that we have in Jesus Christ. A hope that never dies and never dissapoints. A hope that I will be able to do the right thing even when everything has gone wrong. A hope that despite all of my shortcomings as a mother, I hope that when my children remember me, they find me faithful.

Find Us Faithful
by Steve Green

We're pilgrims on the journey
Of the narrow road
And those who've gone before us line the way
Cheering on the faithful, encouraging the weary
Their lives a stirring testament to God's sustaining grace
Surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses
Let us run the race not only for the prize
But as those who've gone before us
Let us leave to those behind us
The heritage of faithfulness passed on through godly lives

Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful
May the fire of our devotion light their way
May the footprints that we leave
Lead them to believe
And the lives we live inspire them to obey
Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful

After all our hopes and dreams have come and gone
And our children sift through all we've left behind
May the clues that they discover and the memories they uncover
Become the light that leads them to the road we each must find

Ok, people, go! Go read the first couple of chapters of 1st Peter. Go think about the God who loves you so much he sent his son down to rescue you from sin that you might live forever in Heaven with Him. Think about the savior who suffered, oh what suffering, and yet was still righteous, think about who you are and what you do. Think about the legacy you are leaving for your family. Go and be faithful to your Savior, Jesus Christ!

Dec 5, 2011

Oh Yeah!!

Almost forgot! My midwife came by last week and we determined that at that time I was right around 15 weeks, which puts me at 16 weeks now, which means I am due somewhere around May 20.  :) Luke and I have decided to wait and find out if it's a girl or boy when it's born.

Praise the Lord for the work He of His hands as He knits this little one together!!

Do Your Ears Hang Low

For many moons Mandie Lee has been wanting to get her ears pierced. Luke and I decided that would be her Christmas present from us this year. So today we went to Claire's and she boldly and bravely endured the pain that many a girl has endured before her. I was so hoping there would be enough people there to do both ears at the same time, but it didn't work out that way. Still, my brave little girl held back the tears while the job was done. I think I was 8 or 9 when I sat in the same spot to get mine pierced 20 years ago. My Mom-in-Law remembers when she got hers done, her mom just heated a safety pin over a flame to sterilize it and pushed it through her ears when she was a girl. OUCH! I don't think I could have ever done that! Different times I guess.
I love you Mandie Lee, even with holes in your ears!! Merry Christmas!!