Jul 31, 2009


Just ran to Mardel for about 25 minutes.

Came home, Mandie had cut herself some bangs.


Jul 30, 2009

Good Boy, Mama

Today I was changing Matthew's diaper. While I was bent over trying to pull a diaper out of one of the over-stuffed baskets under the changing table, Matt sat up and started patting me on the back saying "Good Boy" like he does to the dog. It was funny.

Jul 26, 2009


Hello blog world! I have a question for all you girls living in A-town. Do you know of anyone here who homeschools their children? Have you ever considered homeschooling your children? I am not necessarily for it, or against it at this point. I just want to know if there is anyone around who does it? Thanks for your input!

Note: The purpose of this post is not to affend anyone, or get anyone going crazy! If you comment, please be considerate of someone who may not feel the same way you do.

Jul 16, 2009

Reuniting with Family!

Well, tomorrow we are packing up and heading to Fredericksberg (sp??) for the annual family reunion. We are spending tomorrow night with some of our dear frieds that we never get to see enough of, and then on to the schnitzel! (like I really eat schnitzel . . . ugh!) To all we will see there, can't wait to see you! And Mom, can't wait for our date tonight!