Aug 30, 2009

"How I Love You Child, I Love You"

At church this morning all of the students for the King's Academy, along with their families, were asked to come to church for the dedication service followed by a tour of the school and a meet the teacher day. Officially, school starts tomorrow. Donnie was sharing the gospel with all of these people that are not usually there (I don't if or where they usually go to church), and during the invitation several of the family members who came responded to the invitation including a 9 year old girl who wanted to pray for her family because they "just aren't doing that good". The little girl recieved Jesus, and her family went home with a load of groceries along with some other needs that were met. Her little sister will be in the Kindergarten class at the King's Academy. Please pray for this family, and for all of the students at the school and their families.

Aug 25, 2009

Wonderland and Texas

Last week my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Ronnie came to Amarillo with their Granddaughter, Kara. We went with them, and my parents, and my niece, Whitney, to Wonderland. We also went to see the play TEXAS in Canyon. Here are our family pictures from said events . . .
Dad, Mom, and Mandie on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Mandie was smiling, but you wouldn't know it from the picture . . .
Matthew and Poppy, two silly guys . . .

Mom, Dad, and Mandie on the . . . huh, I just don't know the name of this one. We were not brave enough to take Matt up there without a seat belt or harness or something.

Dad and Matt watching Mom and Mandie on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Can you tell this picture was taken after the Log Ride?

Mom, Dad, and Mandie on the Log Ride. Mandie was in front of me but she couldn't see anything. She did bonk her forehead on the 'log' on the way down, but she thougt that was
funny. . .

Mandie and I on the Tilt-A-Whirl, I think we did this one 4 times . . .

I thought she would be scared of the Frog Hopper, but she laughed and laughed . . .

Mandie found her dream car . . .

Mandie riding the helicopter . . .

Mandie and Matt riding the boat . . .

The next three pictures are from the play TEXAS in Canyon. As you can see, Matthew was kind enough to let Dad borrow his hat in the last one.
Mandie. 'nuf said.

Matthew . . .

Dad and his little cow-princess . . .

We had so much fun with my Aunt and Uncle. I guess next time we'll head to Odessa and see what fun that city has to offer, surely nothing as fun as our exciting Amarillo attractions!!

Aug 22, 2009

Mysterious Ways

I am going to try to re-cap a conversation Mandie and I had this morning. First of all, let me say that Mandie is at a point in her life where she is trying to figure out what it means to get married. A couple from our church re-newed their vows a few weeks ago which had a big impression on her, she has a princess movie where the princess marries her prince, and other stuff like that seems to make her little mind start ticking away, because she's really trying to figure it out.

So this morning I was in my bathroom getting ready, and Mandie was in my bedroom talking to me and she looked up at the picture from our wedding. She said with lots of excitement, "Oh Mommy! You're getting married!! Do you want to get married again, today??"

I replied, "I'm not planning on getting married again today, but if your Daddy asked me, then I would marry him again!"

Mandie: "Or if God asked you? You could marry him."

Mom: "Ya, if God asked me to marry him I would marry him, too."

Mandie: "God is in my belly button Mommy, if I can find a way to get in my belly button then I can get married with him!!!!"

Mom: "What? God is in your belly button? Why?"

Mandie: "I don't know, He just is. And I can get married with Him when he is in my belly button."

What is that!! I don't know what she is thinking! Hopefully she will eventually come to the realization that God, who may or may not be in her belly button (because all things are possible with Him right??), loves her very much and has a perfect plan for her that may very well include marraige and children. But I'm kinda wondering how we will get from here to there.

What I think is so precious is that anyone who knows Mandie knows that she loves her belly button. Ever since she was little, she would suck her thumb and tug on her belly button to fall asleep or find comfort. I think it is so interesting that she has somehow made an association between her belly button and her Lord.

Who knows?? Anyway, this was a conversation that I did not want to forget.

Aug 17, 2009

The Message Planted in Your Heart

I want to share a verse that has been quitly convicting me lately. It comes from James chapter one. The first part of the message is one that is probably very familiar to most Christians," My dear brothers and sisters, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. Your anger can never make things right in God's sight." This is not the part that hit home with me, although it is extremely convicting for us all I am sure. The following lines are amazing, and somehow they are words that I have never really dwelt on before:

"So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the message God has planted in your hearts, for it is strong enough to save your souls."

My mind has chased tangents about all different facets of this verse. The part about being saved, the part about humbly accepting God's will over my own, the part about the filth and evil in my own life, and maybe I am most taken by the part about "the message" that God himself planted in my heart.

This verse does not say, "humbly accept the random seed that happened to land on your heart and take root". We all know that a lot of things grow that way, something sprouts a seed and the wind blows it to an acceptable enough plot of land and boom ~ plant. Or worse, some cow or bird eats up a seed and four hours later, boom ~ plant. I dare say that more often than not this kind of planting usually yeilds what we all just LOVE to have in our own yards . . . WEEDS!

No, this is not how our convictions have come to us. The Lord PLANTED a message in my heart. This requires (and I know because I watch Gardening by the Yard!) preparing the soil, providing irrigation, digging a hole, inserting a seed, covering the hole to the right depth and spacing, fertilizing the hole (organically I hope!) and waiting and waiting and waiting until, boom ~ the perfect, beautiful, lush healthy plant in the perfect location yeilding all of the right flowers/fruit.

When I think about this, I reflect back on all of the events in my life that have shaped my heart. My pains, my joys, watching others who are suffering, and my basic realizations as a young one that some things are simply "not right". This verse helps me in realizing that this was all the planting of the message in my heart. It has made me very passionate about certain things, and yet there are other things that I simply do not feel "called" to do.

I could go on even more about the words "humbly accept" in this passage, but I'll spare you all my tears. All I know is that I am so so so grateful to God to be given the opportunity to serve Him. There was a time in my life that I most decidedly did NOT accept the message in my heart, I did not follow it, and it led me down a road into the darkest place I have ever been. Now that the Lord has allowed me to come back to Him, I am most honored to accept the message in my heart, and I am speechless before Him with gratefulness and dumbstruck by His faithfulness.

*Sigh*, God is so Good.


Aug 4, 2009

Nosey Rosey

This morning Mandie made a pig nose, looked up and me and asked "Mommy, is there paper up my nose?" I looked deep inside her nose and sure enough there was a little wad of paper. Turns out she ripped a little piece of paper off of a book (which she got in trouble for), wadded it up, and proceeded to stick it up her nose.

Turns out all her nose needed was a good nap to get that little wad of paper out. She woke up, and out it came. A few hours with paper up your nose never hurt anybody, right?

Aug 2, 2009

Be Happy

I just went through our pictures from July. I decided to take a few that make me laugh and share them with you.
The following three pictures were taken in succession, each about 4 seconds apart. This makes me giggle . . . I just can't stop laughing!

This is Mandie and her friend Paisley who lives in Abilene, are they hot stuff or what!

After Mandie got the '12 Dancing Princesses' DVD for her birthday, she really wanted to wear her hair in a bun like the dancers . . . this probably won't be happening again for a while now that Mandie is her own hairdresser.

This is Mandie with her girlfriends, Elli and Brooklyn. I love all of Mandie's sweet little friends!

This is the first time any of my children have ever done this. One minute Matthew is eating goldfish, the next he's eating goldfish with his eyes closed, the next . . .

HA! Good memories!!