Feb 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Well hello blog world! I'm not great on updating, but that's because I'm busy just living my life, and I think that's a decent enough reason to not have time to blog. But here I sit on a Sunday afternoon blogging away, finally! Today was a great day. My sweet guy almost always gives me a long nap on Sundays and boy am I happy to take him up on it! My weekly routine has gotten pretty full, but I really like what's going on, and I'm happy to be doing everything I'm doing.

The pregnancy is going well! I hit 22 weeks yesterday, I'm just cruising along right now letting the time go by. But I know this little man will be here before I know it! Last weekend we painted and re-decorated Mandie's room . . . can you say pretty in pink! She's been wanting a pink room for so long, and when we found out that this baby was a boy we were ready to go! Matthew's is next. I'm thinking we are going to go western in his room. All he will tell me is that he wants blue on his walls and horses in his room, so that seems like the logical choice. It will probably be summertime before I actually paint in there.

The baby room is a disaster! Just a bunch of baby stuff thrown on the floor. It wouldn't take me long to get it together, I just haven't taken the time yet. I'm not going to paint in there because the baby will share with Matthew when he gets old enought to sleep through the night.

Enough about kids rooms!

Matthew turned 2 on the 10th! He had a great party and he just seems so much taller and more talkative now! Surely that didn't happen overnight! He has a certain coat and a pair of boots that he wears, literally, every single day. But he's doing pretty good. Except for a recent issue with biting! I am really struggling with this! He bit a little boy at playgroup the other day, and then he bit his sister. He gets in HUGE amounts of trouble for biting, but he still struggles with it! Not only is it completely embarassing, it is also completely unacceptable! Any advice there??

Mandie is doing well! She's a big 3 1/2 year old! Too big for her britches for sure! But she is full of love, and she is very smart, and I know God has big plans for her little life! Can't wait to see what kind of ministry He plants in her heart!

Ok, goodbye blog land. I guess I'll go work on that nursery. I'm feeling motivated now that I've confessed what a mess it is!

Feb 15, 2010

Oh BOY!!

Haney Baby #3 is a little BOY!

No name yet, but everything looks very healthy!