May 26, 2011

A Big Deal When You're 4

Today miss Mandie learned how to tie her own shoes. It really didn't take her long. Making the first loop was easy, wrapping around was no big deal, finding the hole for the other loop took some concentration, once she figured the hole thing out she was making bows left and right! So proud of Mandie and those fine motor skills! Her next endeavor is getting rid of those darn training wheels!

Today was my first official day as an unemployed person. To celebrate I took the kids to Wild Cat Bluff (which is currently not being run or maintained, so there is no fee). We saw birds, frogs, tadpoles, fire ants, a beetle, some animal tracks, and all kinds of plants. They loved it so much we are going back in the morning.

May 25, 2011

A New Season

Today was 'Graduation Day' at The King's Academy. I have officially worked my last day as a P.E, teacher for the forseeable future. I wouldn't change the season I am leaving, I am so excited about the season that I am entering into. A season of 100% commitment and devotion to these people:

(that one either just ate a smurf or discovered a blue piece of chalk. the other one thought that one was hilarious)

and these people:

I will be able to spend a lot more of my time watching those people do these types of things:


And I can look forward to seeing more faces like this:


And give truth to more statements like the one on this t-shirt.

(it reads "my parents are exhausted)

I'm so excited to venture into this new season. I will give it my best. Thank you, Lord, for the chance to homeschool my kiddos!