Oct 25, 2008

Have you ever

had one of those days where you kind of feel . . . I don't know . . . detached, un-plugged, out of the loop, and maybe even a little lonely.

Thank you Sara Nickson for making me feel A-ttached, plugged IN, IN the loop, and beFRIENDED!

You, and your little pumpkin, are bright spots in my life! I am truly honored to be your friend! And I too am so grateful that our dear Ayvrie has blessed us with her presence here in A-town!

Oct 21, 2008

Back in Business

All charged up and ready to talk!!

Oct 16, 2008

Charge It

Here's the story. The charger for my cell phone stays on my night stand, where I keep a glass of water. It seems that the other night some condensation from my water got on the night stand and pulled a current from my charger. This left some green and white powder on the night stand. Point being: the cell phone charger is shot. My cell phone died the day before yesterday, and I can't charge it until a new one come's in the mail. That should happen some time next week.

One the happy side, I have really enjoyed not having a cell phone. It's nice to be out of touch some times. But it will be good to have it back, as well.

Oct 15, 2008


As all of my fellow Amarillo-ans know,

The Rain Has Stopped!

The Sun is Shining!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Yesterday morning I carried Mandie and her Hello Kitty umbrella on one hip, Mandie's diaper bag, Matthew's diaper bag, and my purse on a shoulder, Matthew in his carrier in a hand, and all through the pouring down rain into school. It sounds miserable, but it was kinda fun . . . Mandie and I were cracking up the whole way in.

It has rained and rained day and night for three days straight. I'm grateful to see some rays this morning! I am also grateful for all that rain!!

Have a Happy Day!

Oct 8, 2008

Paper Airplanes

I just wrote a post that is no good. So I deleted it, but I'm sick and tired of Furr's being the first post on my blog.

So, friends, here is a Furr's replacement post. It's named Paper Airplanes for no apparent reason.


Oct 2, 2008

Yummmm . . . Furr's . . . Or Maybe Not

I LOVE Furr's.

When I was a little girl, my family would often go to Luby's for meals. Oh, yumm. I loved Luby's. I loved their fruit bowls, and I loved their dinner rolls. I have some very distinct memories that involve Luby's and my Mom-C and Pop-C (They are my grandparents on my Dad's side).

In high school, my love shifted from Luby's to Furr's because I ate their practically once a week with the track team or the cross country team after a race / meet. We had so much fun, and we certainly ate all we could eat . . . and maybe a little more. One time my teammate Lindsey ate 11 rolls with her meal. Those were the good old days.

I still love Furr's today. These days we usually end up ther with either my parents or Luke's parents. It's a good way to spend time together.


the last 4-5 times I have eaten at Furr's, I get a headache later that night. It's not a horrible headache, but it's not fun. Isn't that wierd.

Does anyone else ever get a headache after a Furr's meal??