Mar 22, 2010

Matt's Safari Birthday Bash!

Matthew's 2nd birthday was 1 month and 10 days ago. I can't believe I am just now posting about my big man and his party! Oh well!!
We had a great time celebrating Matthew's birthday! He was so excited that it was HIS party, because we had been doing some partying that weekend for our friends, and it's more fun when you get to be the one getting sung to and opening the presents!
His party was a safari theme. I had ordered little masks to give out as party favors, they were a hit! We also had limbo, and a tattoo station (thanks Whitney for being in charge of tattooing!) I had big intentions of making a gluten free banana bread birthday cake for his party . . . that was a dis. as. ter! Uncle Jake gave him Optimus Prime the transformer. It's supposed to be for 5 year olds, but all of the 30 year old grown men spent the better part of the party working on that thing with no success until Dad finally did an hour later! I'm sure Matt will have it mastered in no time!
Since the cake didn't work out, we took Matthew to walmart and let him pick out his own cookies. He picked yellow and blue. For lunch on his birthday we asked him what he wanted to eat. He said sausage. So we went to Ihop, he was happy. He also got to eat sausage for breakfast that morning. The boy loves his sausage!
These are little facts about Matt:
  • It seems like he talks like a 5 year old. Anyone who watches him always says something like "Wow, he's quite a talker for such a little guy!" I guess that's what you get when you've got your big sister talking to you about everything under the sun 24/7. It's kind of funny though because I think he looks a little younger than he is because he's a little on the short side, but he talks so well that it seems to leave people confused. It's funny.
  • He does not have the 'terrible two's', but he does have what I have called the 'argumentative two's' . He likes to argue. He doesn't throw fits really, he just negates very word out of your mouth. For example, you could say "Matthew you are so silly" and he will reply with his eyebrows pointed down and a frowny, " no I'm naahhhwut!" The word 'not' always comes out really hicky sounding! He will also completely change views in an argument just for the sake of keeping the argument going. "I love you Matthew", "No you don't!!!", "I don't love you Matthew", " Yes you do!!!". Yup, we are in the midst of the argumentative two's alright!!
  • When he starts laughing, he will bring the whole family to their knees in laughter! His laugh is hilarious! It's like a high-pitched giggle, and he always runs out of breath. It's funny!!
  • He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, his stuffed animals right now. Namely his puppies. He carries them around, tucks them into bed, puts them by him when it's time to eat. Pushes them in Mandie's baby strollers. However, he's not into sleeping with them. When it's time to sleep, he could care less about those puppies.
  • His favorite color is blue. He loves blue, and he likes pink. I think he has no choice but to like pink with a sister who has the pink version of everything on earth!
  • He thinks he is a big man. If you say something like, "Hey little guy", he'll come back with, "I'm NOT little! I'm bid!" And sometimes he'll do something good and say, "I'm the MAN!" He gets that from me, because I call him the man all the time.
  • He loves boots. He has worn nothing but navy blue snow boots all winter long!
  • He loves playing outside.
  • He loves his Daddy, and being around men.
  • He'll give you "knucks", that's where you push your fist into someone else's fist.
  • He like's to play like he's the Big Bad Wolf.

I love my son with all of my heart. It is an honor to teach him, a joy to spend time with him, and a privilege to be his Mommy! He's a wonderful little brother, and I'll know he'll be an awesome big brother, too! Thank you God for Matthew, thank you for my precious little boy!!

Here are some pictures from his party:

Mar 21, 2010

Secure in His Masculinity

Only the most secure of men could pull off a look like this . . .

or this . . .

I kind of think he looks like the tooth fairy in that pink one.

Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Mandie and I have been having a lot of very interesting discussions lately. It all started a few weeks ago when my mom let her take home my old "Little Red Riding Hood" book and doll. It's really pretty neat, the doll can morph into Red, the Big Bad Wolf, and Grandma all with the change of a hat or the flip of a skirt. I remember taking that doll and book to show and tell in elementary school, and Mandie really loves reading the book and acting out the story with her doll.
However, it seems that she has developed a rather serious wolf-phobia after all that reading and role playing! So now, at night she will usually say something like, "Mommy, are there any wolves in our house?" and I'll calmly reassure her that real wolves live far away from houses out in the wild. They just don't like it in houses with the people. Then we will say our prayer that the Lord will send an angel to stay in Mandie's room and watch over her while she sleeps to keep her safe. This prayer has brought on a lot of discussion about angels and what they are like, I'll go more into that in a minute.
Then her Dad will come in to kiss her goodnight, and she'll say something like, "Daddy, make sure you lock all the doors so no wolves come in our house." Then her heroic Father will respond with something brave like, "What! There will be no wolves wandering around in this house! Your Daddy eats wolves for breakfast! In fact, I'm kinda hungry right now. I'm going to go check around for wolves so I can cook'em up and eat 'em if I find 'em." All of which Mandie finds quite delightful!
OK, back to angels. Last night I was reading in Mark about right after Jesus was baptized. He was led by the Holy Spirit to spend 40 days in the wilderness with the wild animals, but he was kept safe from them by angels. I read it to Mandie today so that she would see that Jesus is protected from wild animals by angels, and because we are His children too, we can also receive that protection. When Mandie heard this news her eyes opened wide and she was so excited and relieved to hear such news! She even fetched her brother so that he could hear the exciting news. Even though he's not scared of the Big Bad Wolf. In fact, that's his favorite thing to pretend to be. He calls him, "Du Bid" big inhale, "Bad", big inhale, "Woolf".
I hope to always remember that the Lord intends to protect me when I need protecting. That is a privilege of being His daughter. However, there will be times in my life when protection for me would be more hurtful than helpful for his glory and his plans. So I must remember that the Lord knows what is best for me, and He is sovereign to do what is right and fair at all times. I haven't broken that last part to Mandie yet, I think she'd never fall asleep if I did!

Mar 19, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away . . .

This winter has been one of the snowiest winters on record for our city . . .
We have built snowmen . . .

We have shoveled . . .
We have trudged through the snow . . .
We have played . . .
Even Buster got in one the fun . . .

But now . . .

Let's just bid the snow good bye!

It's knocking our spirit's . . . or was that Buster?

It's making us crazy . . .

AND, it's supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow! Mercy Me!!

Mar 18, 2010

Let's Work Out!

This is my new favorite thing!

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience arthritis, you may not have the same appreciation for a mini tramp as I do. But let me tell you, it feels awesome! I can do things on my mini tramp that I just can't do on the ground! I can run!! I can jump!! I can do the twist!! AND, I think my kids have added about two hours of exercise/week to their life (which is the minimum recommendation FYI).
So, if you like to work out I would highly recommend the $30 investment! (This one came from Walmart). Or, if you know of anyone with arthritis . . . young or old, get them one for crying out loud!