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Casa De Esperanza, San Carlos, Mexico

Casa De Esperanza, San Carlos, Mexico -By Dr. Luke-
My dad called me earlier this year and said, “Son, I've been learning Spanish, and I want to use it and go build something!” So I began calling some friends in Mexico and seeing what they needed help on. Several of them had jobs that would be better for a large group of people, but I ended up speaking with Brenda and Art in San Carlos. They run a missionary support center there in Mexico, and that was were I stayed on my very first mission trip. Neither Dad nor I had any idea what kind of work we would be doing...we were just eager to help.
We met at the airport in Phoenix and flew down to Hermosillo in Mexico where a great friend, Juan Carlos, picked us up and drove us the last hour and a half to the Casa. After speaking with him, we decided to go to an English speaking church and then to a Mexican Community Outreach Center that works with foster children, feeds the neighborhood children, and also has church services dur…

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