Oct 27, 2010

Say click, take a pic . . . or not

It seems to me that having three kids isn't really that much different than having two. I always tell people it's not harder, it's just more of the same. However, the main difference in my experience is that Michael's sweet life is not being recorded in the same manner as the other two. Mandie had an entire website devoted to pictures of her for the first year of her life. We took literally 200-300 pictures of that girl every single week. Some of you may think this is crazy, but I bet a lot of you did the same thing with your sweet little #1 as well. Although Matthew didn't have a website devoted to him, he's got about a million pictures on the computer, and I've done a lot of blogging about that boy! Michael on the other hand, definetly has pictures but no where near as many as either of the other two. And most of his pictures are shared with the other two. Now this might sound crazy, but I don't think this is really such a bad thing. This is a really busy time in my life, and the lack of pictures proves it. Praise the Lord for children, and more so for families. And for a sweet little boy who smiles at the rest of his crazy family while we run around living our life.