Feb 29, 2008


Just thought I'd post some pics! Here they are:
This is Luke holding Matthew just minutes after he was born!

This is Matthew with my parents

Matthew, Luke, Dickie Haney (Grandad), and Dora B. Haney (Great Grandmother)

Me and Matthew with our Midwife Sandra. Matt was 5 days old.

A really cute picture of my babes!!
I just love this one of him!

By the way, Matt is feeling much better after his little surgery!

Feb 26, 2008

What to Post?

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I have posted . . . but unless you want to read about all of the wonderful and amazing things my kids do all the time, I have nothing to write!

Here's a little update about what has been going on here in the Haney Home. Our big news right now is that little Matthew was circumcised yesterday (is that how you spell that??) I just don't know how I feel about the whole thing!! Why did we do that to our sweet baby boy?? Just because society does it? Just because it's a little easier to clean?? Those reasons just don't really make his pain worth it to me. When he was born Luke and I had the talk about whether we would do it or not. I left it up to him (I mean he seems a little more capable to make a decision about that than me for obvious reasons right). So we did it. I don't really know how I feel about it though. Do I regret it, not really . . . I just don't understand it? Why are we doing this to our little boys. Didn't Paul say it no longer matters if your circumcised or not, Jesus died so that all may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Either way, it's done. And he's doing OK, but clearly he's a little achey (I don't know how to spell that either). But I know he'll be just fine, and in a few weeks we won't even think about it any more . . . right?

Other news, Mandie and her little personality are getting funnier and funnier! Our sweet girl who is almost 21 months old is really starting to make herself clear. She is putting words together (for example: the other day at "school" she had on a shirt she apparently did not like and she told her teacher, "I no wear this no more!"), she is making her own little demands (for example: no more sitting in a high chair like a baby, she MUST . . . I repeat MUST sit in a regular chair at the table for dinner). Also, since 'Baby Brother' was born Mandie has had to spend a little more time in time out for not being "nice" to him. So now she enjoys putting everyone and everything in time out. She puts her bath toys in time out, she put her MiMi in time out, her babies go there, and I even went there once! (It seems only fair). Anyway, I love getting little peeks into her heart and mind as she gets bigger and bigger and more able to communicate and learn. She is so tender hearted, but she also is so determined and strong willed! It's such a combination!

OK, that's probably it for now. No pictures, I'll post some later. Please say a prayer for little Matthew and his healing! Also, please pray for my cousin Kristen who will be having her twins tomorrow via c-section.

Feb 14, 2008

You Are Not Going to Believe This!

Happy Valentines Day! I have a few minutes to while Daddy and Matt take a nap (and little Mandie is at school), so I am going to give a few details about the labor and delivery . . . and of course post a few pictures of my precious family!

Here is the story you are 'not going to believe'. It is the story of how Baby Matthew was brought into this world. Don't worry, I'll give you the condensed version:

Around midnight on Saturday night I woke up from sleep to the wonderful (ya right!) feeling of a very long, very strong contraction. So, I decided to get up and wash my tub because I knew I would want to labor in their later and I figured tonight was probably the night. After washing the tub, I went and laid on the couch and labored there for about 45 minutes at which point Luke woke up and came in to see where I was. I told him I was in labor and he started timing my contractions. I should probably mention at this point in case anyone is unaware that we have used a midwife for this pregnancy and were planning a home birth with the midwife (the same way we had Mandie). So, Luke started timing contractions. They were like 10 to 11 minutes apart, and not even a minute long . . . but they were pretty strong. After about an hour I was feeling really uncomfortable laboring on the couch, so Luke went to fill up the tub. At this point my contractions were about 5 minutes apart and right around 1 minute long. When I got in the tub my contractions immediately went to 3 minutes apart, and they were like 70 seconds long. It was 2:29 and we decided to call the midwife thinking it wouldn't be much longer. While Luke was on the phone I felt the "urge to push" (that's the understatement of the year!!) Anyway, he came in holding the phone, told our Midwife to come now, hung up, and like 2 pushes later our baby was here. That's right, Luke and I had our baby by ourselves in the bathtub . . . no midwife in sight. About five minutes later the midwife arrived, checked everyone out, and then she went back home. Luke and I went back to bed to get some sleep with our new sweet family member. The most amazing thing is that Mandie slept soundly throughout the night! She woke up to a little baby brother, who she adores!

Here are pictures the morning after Matthew was born:

Here is Matthew having his first 'tummy time':

Here is Mandie and Matthew in their Valentine Day garb before Mandie went off to Kid University:

Feb 10, 2008

Matthew Cooper Haney

Matthew Cooper was born this morning at 2:36 A.M. He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz. and he was 21 inches long. Mommy, Daddy, Mandie, and Baby Matthew are all doing wonderfully! We are thrilled and very thankful to the Lord for our new addition. More info and pictures to come later!

Feb 6, 2008

Yahweh Yireh

I went to the ladies Bible study this morning at South West, they are currently doing a study on the names of God and today the subject was Yahweh Yireh which literally translates as "Lord Provider". It comes from the story of Abraham sacrificing his beloved son on the alter in accordance with the request God gave him to do so. On the way up the mountain, Isaac mentions to his Dad that they have the knife and the wood, but they have no sheep for the alter. Abraham simply replies that the Lord will provide the sacrifice. Ya'll probably know how the story goes . . . Abraham ties up Isaac and lifts the knife in the air when an angel tells him to stop, and then the Lord provides a ram caught up in a bush for the sacrifice. This lesson was very touching for me today. I am about to have a new baby in my house along with a one year old, and I am always feeling a little crunched for time and a little overwhelmed by my need for a little time to myself, or a little time to work on my school work, or a little more patience, or a little more sleep, or whatever. But what I am to remember is that my only job is to follow the instruction of the Lord, and make the sacrifices he requires of me . . . even if they are big. And then I am able to trust that he will provide me with time, sleep, getting school work done, and probably a lot of things that I didn't even know I needed. What a wonderful thing it is to put your hope and trust in the Lord, it allows me peace and joy in this moment and this day with no worry of tomorrow.

The Lord says to Abraham while Isaac is on the alter "Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld your son from me".

I hope to have the ability to withhold nothing from the Lord, even when I am tired, hungry, and covered in spit up!

Feb 5, 2008

"Out Baby!"

Well, I'm 5 days away from my due date (February 10), and still no baby. I had an appointment yesterday with my midwife and she guessed that right now the baby weighs around 7 lbs. She also guessed that it's a boy and that it will come on February 14 (Valentines Day!) I was kinda surprised because she's never made a guess like that before about whether it's a boy or a girl . . . she just always says "Wow, this baby is just all knees and elbows". Which I can attest to, I can literally watch knees and elbows glide across my tummy! Mandie was so not that way, she was like a little snuggle bug that would just kind of roll from side to side, this kid is not snuggled it is stretched and very pushy!! I can't wait to see what kind of personality this baby will have and I'm dying to know if it's a boy or a girl!! I'll find out soon enough I guess. It's kind of a nice feeling to think that it won't come for another week and a half, because it allows me to not wake up every day and wonder if I'll go into labor or not. Anyway, we can't wait for the little bundle to arrive and we really appreciate all the prayers! I don't have any new pics to post, but I will post some when I get them off the camera and on the computer. Have a blessed day!

Oh, the reason the title of this post is "out baby!" is because that is now what Mandie says when she's touching my tummy. I still don't really think she understands what's going on, but we keep telling her the baby is in there and it won't be long before the baby comes out. She knows something is up . . . she just doesn't know what. Please pray for her, she has no idea that life is about to change forever!