Jul 28, 2008

Life to the Full

Last night I finished 'The Last Lecture'. . . at 1:48 AM! I DO NOT stay up that late! What on earth was I thinking? I really regretted it at 5 this morning when Matthew decided it was a good time to wake up! Ughhh!

ANYWAY, the book was AWESOME! It's about a professor who was given just months to live right when he found out he had prostate cancer. Basically, he talks about all of the life he has packed into his 47 years. He talks about the lessons he's learned. He talks a lot about achieving his childhood dreams. And boy, is he inspirational! This man truly lived. He lived to the full, he lived with passion, happiness, and joy. I highly recommend you read it for yourself, it will make you a more driven person, and probably improve you attitude in general. I certainly hope that's what it does for me.

Now I want to mention what happened related to this book the other day. When I began reading, I assumed that the author, Randy Pausch, had already passed away from his cancer. However, on the radio the day before yesterday (I think) I heard that he had passed away that morning. I was about 3/4 of the way through the book when I heard that news.

One of the main purposes of this book is to give his 3 kids an insight into who there father was, what he was like, what he valued and accomplished, and what he wanted for them. He is very fank, very vulnerable, and it seems very much himself. Therefore, when you read you really feel like you get to know the guy. So when I found out he had passed that morning, my mind went to what his wife and kids must have been going through at that moment. What his colleagues were thinking. What his students were thinking. I was able to appreciate this man's life, and mourn with those who actually knew him.

It makes me think about the life of Jesus. He came, and he packed SO MUCH LIFE into his 33 years. He brought joy, laughter, healing. He never lost his perspective. He never lost his love. He was insightful, inspirational, good with words, wise . . . and yet personable, very easy to love, and always wanting the ultimate best for those around him (meaning salvation, love, peace, hope, etc). The best part is that not even death was able to get rid of Jesus. He died, and yet he lives. His spirit is here. And it is my job and your job to pass on His love, His character, His joy, His luster for life.

Whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God!

Jul 17, 2008

The Last Lecture

Hello Friends! I am joining a book club, it's for Mom's who love the Lord or who are interested in insight from Christian women. Our first book is The Last Lecture. We just started so if anyone is looking for some adult conversations feel free to check out the book club link under websites on this blog.

Jul 15, 2008

Magic Touch

In our home, I have always been the parent in charge of tucking the babes sweetly and safetly into bed at night. When Mandie was a baby, I would walk around a dark room, shushing her softly, or humming. While I walked I would bounce her in my arms, and pat her sweet little back until she drifted off, at which point I would gently and carefully place her sweetly in her crib. When Matthew's birth was approaching I mentioned to Luke that he might need to take over the night-time routine with Mandie, which of course had evolved over time. However, it was hard for me to let go. He would go in there to read and pray and tuck, but if I heard a whimper I just had to go put my hand on her face until she drifted off (sorry Baby Wise!!). Anyway, for the last couple of weeks, Daddy has been in charge of tucking Mandie in at night. It's been great!! He does such a wonderful job, and Mandie almost always happily trots of to go read a book with Daddy. While he tucks her in, I usually take Matthew into his room to nurse, read, and then sleep. Tonight, however, something new happened. Mandie was exhausted!! I mean so so tired. It was only like 9:05, but she was crazy tired and so we thought she was probably just going to have to cry a little before sleep would come. Luke tried to read her a book, she only made it 2 pages before those tired alligator tears came out. Poor baby. So he said the prayer and walked out to let her cry to sleep. After a few minutes of crying he sneaked back in and gently put her to bed, don't ask me how . . . but he did a great job and she was happily snoozing. Meanwhile, I am done with the nursing, done with the book, and on to the slumber with little Matt. Is her tired? YES! Is he asleep? YES! Am I holding him? YES! Can I put him down? NO! Everytime I try to put the little guy down he gets the saddest most devasted look on his little face and he just screams and cries! So sad! So after a while I am about to totally go bonkers. My new plan is to lay him down, and go see if Luke will give me 5 minutes of relief so I can regroup before going at it again with little Matt. Luke agrees. 5 minutes later he walks out of Matthews room. Matt is soundly sleeping . . . like a baby, if you will. Tonight, Daddy had the magic touch! Thanks babe! You're an awesome Daddy and me and the babes are so lucky and honored to call you ours!

Jul 12, 2008

Vacation Pictures

We had a blast in Oklahoma!! Here are some pictures from the trip (the pictures are on here really weird, sorry!!):

At the water park:

At the zoo:

Brick Town:

OKC Bombing Memorial (if you are ever in town I HIGHLY recommend the visit!!):

Random Pictures:

Jul 11, 2008

Tea Time

Come join us for a tea party with Mandie and Matthew! Where we eat candlesticks, put lots of salt and pepper in our tea, sometimes we drink soup instead of tea, we like to stir all cups and pots with all utensils, and fun is sure to be had by all!

Jul 2, 2008

The Wiggle Way to White Water Wapids!!

Tomorrow we are leaving for O K L A H O M A . . . where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!!

We are going to White Water Rapids water park, the zoo, the omni-plex, and Brick Town, and who knows where else we'll go and what else we'll do. Two things are sure, however, there will be a LOT of Wiggles Watching on the road, and my neice Whitney (who's 8) will have a really really really really good time, I mean way better than any vacation you have ever been on I'm sure!! I am planning to take lots of pictures (hope I remember!!) that I'll post when we get home.