Jun 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael!

On Wednesday June 22 little Michael turned one year old!


This was Saturday . . .

At 6:30 AM Michael awoke, I grabbed him up and nursed him on the couch until be both drifted off again back into blissful sleep. Until Miss Mandie wandered in with a sneezing fit that pretty much woke up the rest of the house . . . so much for sleeping in. By 7:45 we were all up, half of us were dressed, and Dad was cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen . . . YESSSSS!

By 9:30 we were all dressed. Mandie, Michael and I loaded up in the car to drop off Michael at MiMi's house so Mandie could go get her five year old toenails and fingernails manicured (along with the rest of the bridal party) at La Bella Nails. After the white polka dots and turquoise flower finally dried, we headed back to Mimi's to pick up M3 who was sound asleep on a palet on the floor. So we ended up staying for lunch, whick gave us a wonderful opportunity to visit with Uncle Rocky, who we just don't get to see enough and Mandie was surprisingly drawn to! Luke picked up some gluten free frito pie from Crazy Larry's and met us there for lunch. He had been to Lowe's, his office, and he had mowed the lawn with Matthew during the morning hours . . . good male bonding time, I guess.

At around 1:45 we headed to the Cardiology Center of Amarillo for the Anual Hearts and Hogs fundraiser for the American Heart Association. We got there just in time to dunk dear old Dad in the dunk tank. I think we each dunked him at least twice, that man is such a great sport! (Although I think it must have been kind of a pleasant relief from the 103 degree heat!!) Then we moved along to horse riding, bunjy bouncing, and going through the inflatable maze. When it was time to head home and take what we hoped would be a really long late afternoon nap, we realized that the car keys were missing! We searched high. We searched low. We searched some more. They were gone. So Luke headed home to pick up the spare set when Nana reached in her pocket and VIOLA! Car Keys!! Neither one of us has any idea when I handed her my car keys or when she put them in her pocket. Praise the Lord we could head home!

4:30 PM, I am nursing Michael in the chair in Matthews room while I watch him fall asleep ( he's been having trouble falling asleep on his own lately . . . in fact, he was up at 11 last night drinking water from the cup by his sink and peeing in the potty at the same time. Luke and I thought that was kind of a cool trick) I then began getting dressed and ready for Chad and Taylor's lovely wedding. By 5:30 Everyone was up from their nap, I was ready and I in the long process of putting spiral curls in Mandie Girl's hair. I will say that it turned out pretty darn cute!! Praise the Lord that Luke was willing to step up and make dinner while I curled, and curled, and curled away on Mandie. After we scarfed  down our food I changed a diaper and loaded up M1 and M3 in the car so we could get to the wedding in time for pictures.

6:30 PM, We arrived at the venue. Mandie could hardly contain her excitement. Today was actually the day of the wedding she has been anticipating for so long!! When she saw the bride she asked her if she had a baby in her tummy (I'm sure that's what every bride wants to hear on her wedding day, right?) Taylor replied that no she did not have a baby in her tummy. Mandie piped back that since she is getting married now, it would be great if she would get a baby in her tummy . . . good one Mandie! I will say that I am kind of glad to know that she understands the whole first comes love then comes marraige thing. 

8 PM The wedding started. BEAUTIFUL wedding, I did have to take Mandie for a bathroom break right in the middle of the ceremony, however. The reception started about 9:15. The hour and a half after that was spent enjoying our extended family, and watching Mandie and Matthew rock the dance floor with their cousins. They were crazy! We left around 10:30, before they cut the cake. Mandie was devastated that she missed out on cake. :(

Finally home. Kids were changed, brushed, and tucked. Did a last minute project for tomorrow. And now here I sit. Good, busy day! Thank you, Lord!

Good Night!!

Jun 15, 2011

All Eight Were GREAT!

This is one of the engagement pictures Luke and I took together in the summer of 2003 . . .
8 years ago.

This picture was taken today, June 14, 2011.

Since our wedding, we have earned a bachelor's degree, a doctorate, and masters degree.
We have lived in 4 places. 
We have had three children at home, one of which Luke delivered all by himself. (Well, technically I did most of the work, but you get the point)
We have had over a dozen employers.
We have dealt with a chronic, debilitating illness.
We have been members at 5 churches.
We have adopted numerous pets (all of which are either dogs or fish).
We have started our own business ~ go OJO!!
Just to name a few . . .

Despite all of the changes we have been through in the past 8 years, there has been one constant: each other.

Tonight as we prayed before dinner on our anniversary date, Luke thanked the Lord that we had grown closer to each other, and closer to Him. Then he asked God that we would continue to do just that.

 As I sit here and reflect on our life, I am filled with gratitude to the Lord. It is so easy to see God's hand when looking back, and often so difficult to see it in the moment.

It is my prayer and my hope that we will be willing to step up to the plate and do the things that the Lord has planned for us to do, and to do them together.

I married a good man, the best man I know.

Happy Anniversary Honey, I LOVE YOU!!!

Jun 4, 2011

To the Birthday Girl!


You are growing into such a lovely young girl!
Your smile brightens the room!
Your laugh is contagious.
Your independence is fierce.
Your ability to connect with others is admirable.
You are about the cutest little thing I've ever seen.
You are a blessing.
You are so big!
You are deeply loved!