Aug 19, 2011

Summer Days

Right now M & M are playing in the sprinklers with the neighbors a few doors down.

What fun!

Aug 8, 2011

Easter in August

In true Cassie style, I think I will post about Easter of this year today . . .  August 8th. Better late than never!

We spent some time making Easter Eggs. This gets more fun every year as they get older. 

The cards were cut bunnies stapled onto cut out eggs. That made a little pocket to put a treat in.
 Happy Faces . . .
 Hunting eggs in the front yard before church . . .

Church Pictures . . .

Mandie and I tried to match, what do you think?

Hunting eggs at church . . .

Lunch with Nana, Poppy, and Whit after church


Aug 4, 2011

Dandelion Hill Academy

Just launched our homeschool blog in case you are interested in such things: