Nov 2, 2010

Michael's 1st Month in Pictures

It was so fun for me to look back and see the pictures I do have of my little baby. He is so precious. He seems so different now than he did for these pictures. Thank you Lord for making this little guy!
Daddy giving M3 his first fingernail trim:
M3 with uncle Jake

The 1st time Mandie and Matthew saw the little guy. This was the morning after he was born. Mandie gave him a pink pillow to lay on.
M3 with Nana Jana:

M3 with his cousin Whitney

M3 with his Great Grandmothers, Dora and Donna:

M3 with his Mama:

M3 with Aunt Tynetta:

My growing family

Mandie loving on her newest brother:

I just love newborn feet. They are so indicative of a brand new baby . . .

Matthew kissing his little brother:

M3 and MiMi

M3 in the sling after I took him on a walk, it just looks like I'm pregnant again!

Hey little guy, I love you so much. You have been a joyous addition into our family! I am so glad you are here, I am so enjoying watching you grow! You are the easiest baby on earth, thank you! I love you so!
Love, Your Mama

Halloween :)

Halloween was really fun this year. Mandie and Matthew love dressing up, and Michael just loves everything!!
This year Mandie decided to be a Southern Bell. We found her outfit at Target, she knew it was the one the minute she laid her little blue eyes on it. We spent some time practicing her Southern accent. If someone asked her what she would be for halloween, she occassionally replied, "I'm gowna bee a Suthern Bell, Ya'll" in a really high pitched voice that would require my interpretation. I thought it was precious.
A few weeks ago, Matthew decided to borrow the next door neighbors old puppy dog outfit for halloween. It was really cute and he LOVES playing 'puppy', so it seemed like the perfect costume for him. However, when the time came to put the puppy outfit on for the Fall Festival, Matthew began stripping down . . . and I mean all the way down. He was very decided that there should be no underclothing of any kind under the puppy outfit. I mean puppy's don't wear underwear, why should he?! Anyway, when I made it clear to him that he must wear either underwear or a pull-up, he decided to be a cowboy for the fall festival, and then later a shark for halloween day.
Michael wore Mandie's old pumpkin outfit and a Monkey outfit from Nana Jana.
Now for the pictures~

Happy Halloween!