Jul 27, 2011

Another Cowboy Story

Matthew and Mandie's Cowboy Story . . . and the Baby as told by Mandie Lee Haney

Once upon a time there was a little girl, and her name was Mandie and she had braided piggie tails, and she was a cowgirl. She was out in the forest hoping it woul rain for her garden, and she was waiting to play in the rain outside. Then she met a boy. And the boys name was Matthew and he was a cowboy. He had on a boy cowboy hat and she had on a girl cowgirl hat. And Mandie and Matthew were looking for horses. And then they heard thunder and Mandie was so excited because she wanted to get wet! But cowboy Matthew was not excited because he did not want to get wet. When it finally started raining Mandie took off her cowgirl hat and put it in her house, and played in the rain. She already her swimsuit on. Matthew had to go back to his house to take of his hat and put on his swimsuit. Mandie and Matthew lived by each other. They played and played in the rain. The baby boy came crawling into the forest, and Mandie found him and she decided to be his mom. His name was Michael. The End.

Wodger, The Little Boy Cowboy

Wodger, The Little Boy Cowboy as told by Matthew Cooper Haney

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Wodger. And he was looking in the forest to look for a little horse that he could ride on all the way to his home. He was a little boy with a cowboy hat on and with his boots on. And his boots were about this big (showing about an inch with his thumb and pointer finger).Wodger heard a sound, "Naaaaaaayyyyyy" and he looked and looked for the sound, but he coudn't find it. Then he looked in the bushes and he saw something wondering around and it was a horse rolling around, a baby horse rolling around! And then he heard, "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM". It was a GIANT FOOT STOMPING!! So Wodger was riding the horse this fast (bouncing his hand quickly) to get away from the giant. He made it home, and the giant never saw him again. The end.

Jul 22, 2011


Looking back, it's been a while since I've done any updating on Michael. So here is a snapshot of Michael Thomas' life April through June 2011.
This baby is an utter joy to our family. He is easy-going and happy. He has a silly, cheerful disposition, and he's fun to spend time with! He can really get a belly laugh out of the other two.

He is a great sleeper. He sleeps well at night (usually about 11 hours), and he's a great napper!
In April we went to Oklahoma City to visit my cousins Jean and Lee (above). Michael accompanied me to the Women of Joy Conference (we got to see Sarah Palin speak!). He was a perfect baby the entire time!

Michael LOVES to play outside. He like to dig his pointer finger into dirt, grass, holes, rocks, or anything else he happens upon.

Being the third child, sometimes this guy just has to get a nap in whenever he can.
His happy, smiling face will light up the world!
He and MiMi love to hang out together. Here they are at one of Mandie's track meets.
In this picture G-Dad had walked him to sleep. G-Dad is hoping he's left handed . . . we'll see.

I like this picture, it reminds me of Luke. . .
This was at Mandie's graduation from Kid University. Michael loves when the whole family is together. He's been known to get pretty out of sorts when someone leaves the room.
Sometimes we refer to Michael as "the destroyer". As in, "Mandie, you better shut your door, the destroyer is on his way into your room!"
Michael has no fear. At the pool he crawls as fast as possible straight down the beachfront entry into the deep water.

This guy loves his Dad more than the other two did at this age. They have a really cool conection.
I love you Michael Thomas Haney!

Jul 18, 2011


The fruits of the Spirit are the topic for M&M's Sunday School right now. They have covered love, joy, and peace. For a 3 or 5 year old, these subjects seem simple. Deeper reflection, however, really gets me to thinking aobut what they really mean.

Love, in and of itself, is a HUGE topic because it is patient, kind, never self-seeking, etc. . .  Joy is a killer because of the whole "rejoice in the Lord always" part. Peace seems to be found so deep inside someone, and it's mysterious (peace beyond all understanding). Then I think about the fact that these are qualities that people who truly house the Holy Spirit posess. These qualities are our fruit.

Today I went out into my vegetable garden to "harvest" my potatoes. I pulled, I dug, I searched, I found 6 tiny little potatoes. The sum of the potatoes that I found was less then the sum of the 4 potatoes I had planted. Literally I would have been better off to simply eat the ones I planted, instead of planting them. I am reminded again of the fig tree that Jesus passed, and then cursed because it did not bear fruit. And the fact that Jesus cursed it made it wither up and die that very day.

I also wonder about what God thinks about Americans and the choice of greenery in their yards. We don't like fruit trees that actually make fruit because they are too messy. We by genetically modified plants that will flower and NOT fruit just for our convenience. Surely he looks down on us and thinks about how foolish we are. How much money we could save if we all had 3 good fruit-bearing trees on our property that we could actually eat from!

Are we the same way spiritually? Are we like the hundreds of cherry trees or pear trees that create beautiful blooms all over the city, but never bear even a single bite of the fruit that gave that tree it's name?

Cultivating the fruits of the spirit should be the top priority, above finances, education, and anything else. I would hate to be like my potato plant!! (I know, I know, potatoes are vegetables!! But you get my drift).