Mar 8, 2009

Yum Yum Birthday Baby!

Oh Look! That's Mickie!

I think I'll just tear off his head.

So let me just taste this thing . . .

Oh yeah . . . that is some good stuff.

Is there something in there?

No . . . this thing is sure sticky!

But I really like it.

Don't mind me, I'm just finishing up here.

Birthday's Rock!

When You Wish Upon a Star

Our family truly enjoyed our time in California. I think I described most of the trip in an earlier post, so this is just the pictures to go with that. It was so fun to look at these pictures again and remember what a blessing it was to spend time with Daniel, Heather, and baby Lucy!

Because it has been so long since are trip, I'm going to post only Disney Land pictures.

Family Picture
Carousel Fun:

Mandie's FAVORITE thing EVER . . . Princess Time!

Daddy and Matthew Time: (Matthew took a nap in the sling on Dad's back)

Mandie's Cotton Candy fingers:

These are the pictures of Heather and Me, and Daniel and Luke on our respective rides. We had so much fun with them on our vacation!

Waiting in line for the Tea Cup ride:
Pictures from the actual Tea Cup ride . . . Matthew and Luke were cracking each other up!
Our very special moments with Mickie (somehow the lens was blurry on our camera, could it be that someone's cotton candy fingers smudged the lens?) :

A very tired crew heading home, all the kids were asleep, and the mom's were pooped!: