Sep 28, 2008

I sat with Jesus at church this morning . . .

didn't you?

The little boy who sat behind us at church asked his grand mother if Luke was Jesus.

Maybe it's time to trim the beard, babe?

No . . . I like the beard.

You may not be Jesus honey. . . but you're perfect for me!

Sep 26, 2008

Mandie's Mouth

Today was a WONDERFUL day! We went to a play date this morning at my new (well, not so new anymore I guess), and dearly loved friend, Avery's house. I told her today that she is my domestic inspiration. Here's why: we tie-dyed shirts orange. Then we drew faces on all the tie-dyed circles so they looked like little jack-o-lanterns! And then we had lunch. I guess to me that is the kind of thing that you say, "Wow, that would be so cool to do". But actually doing it would never cross my mind. She's awesome! We ran out of one dye half way through, so their shirts aren't exactly the same shade of orange, but still lots of fun was had.
That last one is a pic of all of the kids who were at the play date this morning. Matthew is the short guy in the middle. Mandie is practicing her Miss America wave. Ashlyn's in the pink dress towards the left. Paisley and Keyton are on the far left end. And little Sydney is in between. The other two boys were so sweet, they are the sons of one of Avery's friends.

Then, we came home and the baby's took naps. Then, I got to spend some time on the phone with my sweet cuz, Kristen. Then, I made dinner in the blender. That's right, I made tortilla soup in the blender! Just check out the picture! You blend that stuff up, then add meat, corn, and tortilla chips. It works just like the info-mercial would have you believe! And the best part, it was pretty tasty! Luke has already requested it again for next week, that never happens!!

Then, our new fish tank came in the mail. So we put in the rocks and the water, it was all very exciting for Mandie. We went to the fish shop a few days ago and she picked out some pink 'goldfish' for her tank. She can't wait for those little guys! We will add the fish in a few more days, once the water is ready for them.

Then, we put the babes to bed. And then, I met my previously mentioned sweet and dearly loved friend Avery at the gym and we worked out for a while. And now, blogging.

Yeah, good day!

OH! Let me share what came out of Mandie's sweet little mouth today. This happened about half an hour after we read her little Baby Bible. She walked out of her room with her baby doll in her little hand-held shopping basket and said, "Look Mom, my baby like baby Moses!!".

It may be that I find this story so sweet and so adorable and so smart because I brought this child into the world, but I do truly think that it was such a precious moment!

Thank you Lord for good days!

I hope your day was awesome too!

Sep 20, 2008

The Kiddo's!

It seems that recently my posts have been rather wordy. So I decided to catch up on some pictures! Be warned, these pictures are really cute.

Blogger is not letting me cut and paste my pictures, so they are not really in any order. But here they are none the less.

As I'm sure most of you were aware, yesterday was national 'talk like a pirate day'. So all the kids were invited to dress up as pirates for story time at the SW branch library. It's kind of hard to tell, but Mandie has a pirate mustache. (The library has story time M-F at 10 am, it's a good activity to do on cold days)

Here is Matthew standing up! Way to go son!! AND, congratulations little boy . . . you got your first tooth in today!!

Here is Matthew sleeping in the sling on my back. I love this picure, I love when he sleeps on me, I love the sling!

This is Ashlyn, Paisley, and Mandie playing at the park. Silly girls!
Here is Matthew at the park watching Mandie swing and playing with her pony.

Here is Mandie swinging at the park and watching Matthew watch her swing.
This is Matthew swinging at the park. He was in a great mood.

This is Mandie wearing one of my dresses from when I was 2. I think she looks like she should be boxed and sold in a toy store. As Granddad Haney would say, "What a Doll!"
Here is Matthew with his 'Cunkle' Clay (really a cousin, but like an uncle). Go Tech!
Here is Mandie shooting the breeze with the guys.
I love this picture because Matthew looks like Godzilla.
Mandie and Paisley swinging away.

The next 2 pictures may be my new favorite pictures of Mandie. She spent a lot of energy getting her Dad's boots on, and then she was trying to open and shut the front door. She fell more than a few times. She was concentrating so hard while she walked in those boots.

Here is Matthew in the baby pool, I love those baby blue's!
Mandie and Matthew goofing off in the baby pool in the backyard.

Here is Matthew having some tummy time. I love his expression. These jammies used to be Luke's when he was a baby. Good job GrandMother's for keeping so many sweet baby clothes from the 80's!!

Sep 17, 2008

Fly Lady WHERE!!

My house is a disaster! I finally went to Walmart this morning after two days in a row of eating apple sauce for breakfast ( no cereal!). It's not diry, it's just so messy!! I'm so glad we have food again! Time to go organize!! (Lucky for me, I LOVE to organize!!) Oh the joys of Motherhood!!

Sep 6, 2008

It's Nice to Know You

A lot of my blogger buddies are going private with their blogs. Although I totally respect that decision, I am planning on keeping my blog open to all. But I will admit, I am rather curious about who stops by while they are blog browsing. Are we friends . . . family . . . acquaintances? Are you a shameless blog-stalker? How do I know you?

Dedicated to the one I LOVE

Hi Luke,

You are not home. You are in Dallas watching the Rangers beat the Red Socks. You are having fun. You are making wonderful memories. You are being a great son, and a great cousin. You are missed. You are loved. You are appreciated. YOU, are a hunk.

Love, Cassie



So easy to get wrapped up in so many things that don't last.

So easy to put the important things on aside to get the silly things done.

So so difficult to keep an eternal mindset . . . will this matter when I'm in Heaven? The answer is almost always no.

So easy to not really live at all. Not doing the things you love to do. Not talking with the people you should be talking with. Not serving the way you should be serving. Not engaging.

Thank you Father for sending Jesus, that he might give us an example of what it means to REALLY live. Please make me brave, please increase my desire. I love you.