Mar 25, 2008

Love that toothless grin!

These pictures speak for themselves.

As the Bunny Hops

Happy Easter! This Easter was so neat for me because Mandie is getting to that age where she really gets into holidays (namely eggs filled with candy)! She had so much fun hunting eggs. She did it at Kid University, at Jeanne's house, and at MiMi's house. She would find an egg, make her excited face (eyebrows up, eyes looking to the side, and mouth in a perfect 0 shape), point at the egg, run to it, pick it up and shake, then she would either put it in her bucket (her bucket has a much shorter handle and is much easier for her to hold than her basket that has a long handle) or run to the nearest grown up and say "open it?!?"Here are some Easter pics of my little Bunny:

Mar 21, 2008

Sister and Brother

This morning I decided on a whim to take some pictures of Mandie and Matthew. They are just in their play clothes sitting on a blanket, but I think they are pretty good. It was really fun to see them interacting together. Mandie is so in love with her brother, but she just is too hard on him. The photo shoot came to an abrupt halt when Mandie crawled over her brother and whacked him in the face with her foot. Any advice out there about how to teach a 21 month old that she ALWAYS has to be sweet to Matthew? She is sweet when that is what we are talking about, but the next minute she whacks him in the tummy with a huge smile on her face . . . looking at me with an expression like 'Mom, I'm so cute when I whack Matthew, huh? . . . cheese!!' Anyway, here are the pictures, enjoy!!

Mar 16, 2008

No Toys in the Potty!

Well Hello! It's been a few days, and I've got some stuff to blog about. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to my dear cousins Casey and Kristen for the healthy arrival of their twins Emma and Noah! They are so sweet and so cute and so wonderful! Praise God!

Secondly, I recently changed the name of my blog to "As the Mop Flops". So here's the explanation for that. I have developed a special place in my heart for Luke's sweet Grand Mother. We call her 'Gran' now that she has great grand babies. During one of mine and Mandie's visits to her place, she was telling me stories about when she was raising her babies . . . and she mentioned that she and her friends would sometimes watch 'As the World Turns', but they called it 'As the Mop Flops'. Since this blog is just a mix of random events and thoughts and memories, I thought that this would work. Thanks Gran!!

Third, THANKS MOM for going on a shopping spree with me!!! I'm so excited and so thankful! I love you very much!! Here's a sweet picture of you and Mandie:

Fourth, here are some more sweet pics of my babies with some stories of their own:
This was Mandie playing baby with Daddy. He was exhausted, and trying to take a nap on the couch . . . I guess she thought he needed company!

This was Mandie with her new back pack on, wearing her brother's knitted hat (she loves his hats!), and talking on her cell phone. To me she looks like she should be on 'The Amazing Race'!
This was Mandie playing the other night, I like her neck in this picture . . . I guess that's a weird thing to like, but I can't help it, I like all of her!
This was the day that Mandie decided that Elmo needed to go potty!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!! What a gross disaster. Anyway, Elmo then got a bath, Mandie got a time out, and Elmo went bye bye for like three days. No Toys In the Potty!!

Some baby Matthew Pics:

Mandie holding Matthew:

Matthew trying to latch on to Mandie:
And finally, here are some pictures of my AWESOME husband:
Here are my guys! I know, so handsome!!
This was Luke when he was like two and a half. Mandie looks a lot like him! What a cutie!!

Mar 5, 2008

Ode to Mandie Lee

Well, now that my dear daughter has a little brother it seems that she's just not getting quite as much attention as she used to. So in my effort to make her feel very loved and special, I wrote a little poem! (Not that she can read it of course, but I read it to her and she loved it!) and I am posting some recent pictures of her.

Ode to Mandie Lee

Mandie Lee, my sweet little one
She's smart, silly, energetic, and FUN!
She loves to pull her bow undone,
And why would she walk when she can RUN!

Mandie Lee, she's oh so cute!
She thinks it's hilarious if she happens to toot!
Her favorite afternoon snack is fruit,
For my little girl there is no substitute!

Mandie Lee, how she loves her Dad!
Who gets her laughing, even if she's mad,
And she tells on him if he's been bad.
They love each other & it makes them glad!

Mandie Lee loves to hold 'baby bruder'
Which seems to make mommy worry and shudder!
Seeing them together is a feeling like no . . . udder?
Good luck getting that little boy from her!

Dear Lord, thank you for sweet Mandie Lee!
Without her . . . what would life be?
She brings joy to my heart and gives happy memories.
I will love her forever! Oh yes indeed!!

And here are a few more pictures of my little home-maker!!

Ok, the other day we went to my friend Katherine's wedding, and I thought I would try putting sponge rollers in her hair for the event! She looked so cute with the rollers in, but not so much when they came out!! I guess her hair needs to grow out a little more. Any advice about these rollers?

Last night Mandie was wearing one of Matthew's hats, sitting in his bouncer and drawing. Just had to take a picture!

P.S. Mandie misses you MiMi!! She can't wait to see you and she hopes you are feeling much better!!