Jan 25, 2008

Big O Belly Pics!

Hello! Ok, last night Luke took some belly pics of my tummy. I had NO IDEA I was this big! I do not feel this big! Anyway, here they are:

Check out that belly button!
The kitchen is not quite done, but I couldn't wait any longer to post some pics. So here they are:

The picture above is one of the walls Luke built.Eventually we want to update the cabinets and counter tops, and put down new floors. But now is just not the time. Also, I need to put up some more stuff on the walls, but I'm not sure what I want to do exactly yet. So, there it is . . . isn't it cute!!

And finally, pictures of my pride and joy:

Mandie has decided that the safety thing under her high chair is her own personal hammock. She also enjoys putting her baby dolls to sleep there with pillows and blankets, and enjoying a snack and some juice under there.
Mandie on Daddy's back, she's got a good grip on those eyes!

Just a couple more weeks until we have another baby around here!! Please continue to pray for him/her!!

Jan 22, 2008

What A Man . . . What A Mighty Good Man

I would like to dedicate this post to my husband. He has spent the past three weekends (and a few week nights) working on getting our kitchen wrapped up before my body decides to go into labor, which could be any time since I am now 37 weeks. He has served as a a carpenter, an electrician, a texture-er??, a painter, a floater, and an optometrist during his day job. AND, since I was not here most of the time (so Mandie and I didn't have to breath the fumes) I have no idea what else he did that he's too humble to brag about to me. He built a wall in the kitchen, he cut out the bar that used to be attached to the counter top and patched it up really well! He installed recessed lighting in the ceiling, he lowered all the outlets to the appropriate height, he raised the switches to the right height, he wired a light switch that allows us to turn on the light in the sun room without having to go out into the cold, he tore down all the wooden siding off the walls, put up new walls and textured, primed and painted them, he cut all the new base-boards and trim around the doors, and he put them up. And, what sets him apart from other men is that he was constantly sweeping up and cleaning up as he went so that Mandie and I wouldn't breath in dust, and the mess did not take over the whole house (he knows that a woman who is less than 3 weeks away from giving birth is 'nesting' which means messes really freak me out and stress me out and make me feel very overwhelmed!). So that was really thoughtful of him! Furthermore, he installed a chandelier over the table and picked out a low watt bulb for it so that when Mandie and I get up to eat breakfast it's not too bright, that is so sweet and thoughtful!

Luke, thank you so much for all of your hard work! Thank you for taking care of us all, and thank you for having such a great attitude while you work! We love you and we are so lucky to have you!!!

I am not going to post pictures yet because I need to straighten up in there and hang some stuff on the walls, but I love it and I couldn't be happier with it! Phase 1 of the kitchen is complete. (we are still going to do something with the cabinets, counter tops, and install tile floors) but that's another day . . . thank goodness!

I would also like to say thanks to MiMi and Granddad (Luke's parents), Richard, and James for their contributions as well! We love ya'll!!

Jan 13, 2008


Ok, I know I have blogged a lot about working on our house, and about my growing belly! Here are some pictures of everything!

First, belly pics. The first was was taken when I was about 34 weeks pregnant. I love it because you can see Mandie's little hand reaching up toward my belly button. The second one was taken this morning before church, I turned 36 weeks today . . . just 4 weeks to go!!

Now house pictures, I have a few before pictures to go with the after, hopefully you can tell which is which! Also, we have done our living room and are currently working on phase one of the kitchen (new walls and paint). I will post both of those when the kitchen is done because those rooms open up to each other.

This is Mandie's room:

This is the room for our new baby:
This picture shows what the old carpet looked like before the wood floors were refinished . . . yuck!

This is the closet in the new baby room that used to have the central heat and air unit in it:

This is the hallway:

And here are some cute pictures of Mandie:
Mandie's first nap in her "Big Girl Bed"!

Mandie feeding herself yogurt

Playing with her stroller and baby that she got for Christmas (thanks Nana and Poppy!)

We have a bench by the front door that rocks, she likes to pull it so it faces the door and look out the glass door. Daddy and Mandie relaxing on the bench together

Jan 4, 2008

My Date with a Super Hero!

Ok, I know the title of this blog is about a date, but I will get to that at the end because there is a lot of exciting stuff that had to happen before our date. First of all, on Monday we had some people come and finish the wood floors in the new baby's closet. (There used to be a central heating and air unit in that closet, which we had moved up to the attick, leaving a hole in the ceiling, and a hole in the floor). So they fixed the floor, but it stunk up the whole room because of the stain and the poly, etc. So, Luke and I decided to put Mandie down for her nap in the big girl bed in her room (it's my old day bed from when I was a girl) so she wouldn't have to be in there with the strong smells. (and so we could work on the closet while she was asleep). The nap went great, she slept for 2 hours, which is about normal for her, and so we decided to put her down in the big girl bed that night. Next thing you know our 19 month old daughter is sleeping like an angel in a big bed and it was no big deal for her at all!! This is wonderful news because it frees up the crib for the new arrival that will be here in no time!!

Anyway, on Wednesday MiMi (Luke's mom) called to see if it would be a good night for Mandie to stay the night over at her house. Since we are about to have another baby, we have to get Mandie used to staying somewhere else so that when I go into labor she can be over there and stay at least a night or two without it totally shocking her system. We decided this would be a great night, especially since Mandie seemed to do so well out of the crib. Mandie is 19 months old and has never stayed a night without me and Luke, so it was kind of a big deal. MiMi came to pick up Mandie at about 3:30 on Wednesday, and she kept her until about 10:30 Thursday morning, it was wonderful! Especially because Mandie did so well over there! She took a bath, brushed her teeth, said her prayers, and apparently was asking for "night night" all during story time! She slept solid from 8:15 to 6:30! And when I went to pick her up she was so silly and happy.

So, Luke and I found ourselves with an entire night together with no one to take care of! So we went on a date. I know there are some people who continue to date on a regular basis after the birth of there first child, we are not those people. I was one of those Mom's who wanted to be with my baby, and Mandie wasn't even weaned until about a month ago making it harder for me to be away from her. Not to mention that we simply did not have the funds to date until Luke was out of school and working. So, it was a big deal for us to go on a date. Luke told me to be ready by 6 so we could go out to eat and still make it to the movie (and still be home in time to get a good night's sleep since it was the middle of the week). Luke was so wonderful the entire night! He opened all my doors, and he took me to a resturaunt where I could eat a gluten free meal (we went to Sakura and had chicken fried rice without the soy sauce because it has a lot of wheat in it). Then we went to see "I am Legend" with Will Smith. The movie really was so good! And Will Smith did a fantastic job . . . but I think I am a little too pregnant to put myself through that many emotions during a 2 hour period, because some parts of it really were sad! Overall, it was awesome! And the best part was that when we got home we still were child free!

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our daughter, and we are so excited to have another baby in the house, but 19 months is a long time to go without a night to yourselves! We are going to have to do this again before the baby comes!

Speaking of the baby, I am officially 34 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how soon the baby will be here and I really can't believe that I am actually ready for it to come. We decided not to find out if we were having a boy or a girl until birth, so I am really anxious to find out what it is. We are having another planned homebirth with a midwife just like we did with Mandie, and we are really looking forward to that because it was such a wonderful experience for us the first time around. I can't believe how fast time goes by! Luke is done with four years of Optometry school, I thought that would never end!! And now we are settled and expecting our second child. I am so grateful for where we are in life right now! If you think about it, please pray for the health of our new little baby and for a smooth labor and delivery! I have some pictures that go with this post, but they are still on the camera so I'll add them in later. Love and Prayers, Cassie