Apr 30, 2008

Thumbsuckers Anonymous

Well it's another great day here at the Haney house. We got up this morning and went to Ladies Bible Class at church, which is always a huge blessing. Mandie and Matthew have both been doing really well. Luke arrived home safe from Nashville, where he said he had a great time and learned a lot (it was a business trip). The weather in Amarillo is absolutely, could not be any better, gorgeous! The trees and bushes we planted are actually doing great, they seem to be really far from death!! Things are good, praise God!

OK, here are some recent pictures and events:

Last weekend we went to Lubbock to see Pop-C and Aunt LaJean. We went with my mom and my niece Whitney. Here are those pictures:

Also, I tried the roller thing with Mandie again . . . this time with smaller rollers. We put them in after we washed her hair in the tub, then I was going to let her sleep in them. Well, they didn't make it through the night, and the next morning her head was a big hairy mess! Here she is in her rollers:

Matthew has finally found his sweet little thumb! Mandie had already found hers by this age, but we never offered her a paci, so I guess that's why. Matt's been working so hard to find it, and he has whacked himself all over the face trying to get the little guy in his mouth. We don't mind at all that they like their thumbs, actually . . . I love it and I think it is so so precious! In the picture above with Mandie in her carseat, you can see her sucking away on her little thumb as well.

Last but not least, here is a picture of Matthew wearing one of his Daddy's outfits from when Luke was a baby. So sweet!

Apr 21, 2008

Nursing in Style!!

I want to give a HUGE thank you and WOW to my dear friend Cristina who is the owner and designer of an awesome business called ' The Nursing Cloak' . Cristina sent me my cloak, which is absolutely beautiful, just a couple of days ago and I have already used it several times!! Here are some pictures of her amazing work.

All of Cristina's Cloaks are unique in that they have a pocket that allows the cloak to fold into itself, or to hold paci's and stuff like that. Here is what it looks like folded up into itself:
This is what it looks like when it's opened up (you can see the pocket in front):
And here is what it looks like in action:
If anyone is interested, you can pick all of your own fabric for your own cloak, and for more information you can click on the link to her website from this blog. Thank you sweet Cristina for allowing Mom's to nurse in style and with confidence, whenever and wherever necessary! I love you so much!

Apr 18, 2008

So Merm!!

This morning Mandie and Matthew were hanging out together on the couch. Mandie has decided that everything in the house is "mine!" including all of Matthews blankets and of course his paci. Anyway, Mandie had one of "her" blankets and was trying to situate it right, either around her or around her brother and I decided to take some pictures. Any time she put the blanket over her brother she would say "So merm baby mahew". Which means: So warm baby Matthew. It was really sweet!

Also, I want to give huge props to my sweet Mother-in-Law, a.k.a MiMi who made the sweetest little candlier for Mandie's room. Mandie loves to point up at it and giggle and then say "MiMi!!" with her big eyebrow face. Thank you!

And finally, Luke and I completed Mandie and Matt's bathroom this past weekend. It is so bright and happy and most of all fishy!

A little Matthew update: He is holding his head up really well all of the time now. And he smiles back at you when you talk to him, and he smiles at his sister and at the little friends that hang down from his swing. He is really trying to find his thumb, but no luck yet. He weighs 15 lbs according to our bathroom scale, that's one pound away from doubling his birth weight. He is such a good baby! Oh, and he has slept 7 hours at night like 4 times. We love having him here, he is a huge blessing to us . . . and Mandie adores him! Thank you Lord for family, and thank you for the neat people you put in our lives!!

Apr 13, 2008

Every minute counts

Well, here I am. It's almost midnight and I am awake watching the Bourne Ultimatum with my loving husband. I'm not really into movies right now, but I am REALLY into sleep, so what on EARTH am I doing? Who knows?? But, while I'm here I want to thank that previously mentioned loving husband for all of the hard work he put into Matt and Mandie's bathroom this weekend . . . paint, texture, primer . . . he did it all! And he did a superb job!! Gotta love that man, I guess the truth is that I'm staying up watching a movie that I don't really care about just to spend a little more time with him, worth every minute! Love ya babe!!

Apr 9, 2008

Daddy's Boy

Well, apparently Luke has the magic touch when it comes to getting little Matthew to snooze. The other day Matt needed a good burping, and Luke did the honors by putting Matt on his knees and kind of drumming on his back . . . needless to say it worked!

Thanks Luke for helping out and being a great Dad!

Thanks NaNa Jana!!

Well, here's a little update and some pictures.

First of all, Mom I know you got these letters for Mandie like 90 years ago, but I have just now put ribbon on them and hung them in Mandie's room. They are SOOO cute! Thank you so much for getting them, I love them and so does she. Here's what they look like:

Here are some sweet pictures of Mandie and Matthew:

Yup, my 7 week old fills out a bumbo. He's a big boy!

Here are some pictures of Mandie and cousin Whitney at the pool:

Apr 3, 2008

Fly Lady Here!!

You know who I'm talking about, there are those people out there. They are moms, they have like 14 kids, they home-school them all, they volunteer at their church, they take in stray animals, and their house is always clean, their food is always on the table, and their kids are always happy and never feeling neglected. Yup, those people. The people who set that standard. You know that standard. Never loosing your patience, never having a disagreeable expression on your face, never acknowledging the problems in your life. Yup, that standard. I am here to say that as of today I am convinced that those people simply do not exist! Where are they? Why am I feeling guilty over not being able to be like these non-people with really really high standards! Don't get me wrong, I have standards. I value clean houses and food. I believe in creating a safe environment for my kids to grow up in, I want to fulfill my passions and my calling . . . but what I think I am done with here is guilt! That's right, no more guilt over these things. Part of life is the ugly part, the tired part, the less than happy part. That part is very important. It fosters learning, character, relationships, and calling on Jesus! It's here. That part is here. And instead of trying to hide it or not acknowledge it I will learn from it, grow from it, and really really live it. Wow, if feels good to get that out.
Now, you might be wondering how does all of this relate to Fly Lady. Who is she? Where is she? What does she do? Well, a friend of mine posted a question to other Mom's asking how the heck they keep up with house work with a baby. It got me to thinking about Fly Lady and how she has helped me, so I am sharing her with you now. Fly Lady can be found at http://www.flylady.net/ . She teaches you how to declutter your house (if you don't love it and you don't use it then you don't need it). She teaches you how to clean your house. And, she does not believe in guilt. It's all about baby steps and doing a little at a time.
Now, you may be one of those people who is organized enough to already be on top of your house work. You have a routine, you know what to clean, when to clean it and how to clean it. You, my friend, are my hero! I wish I was like you, but sadly. . . I am like me. I like things clean, it is very important to me that things are clean and that I can find my things when I want them. However, I do not inherently know what to clean, how to clean, or when to clean . . . that is why Fly Lady became my answer. Although I do not follow all of her rules completely, I have been using her methods for about a year now and my life and my house have really perked up! So, to all of you who may be like me, I hope this is your answer! And remember, you're not behind . . . you're just getting started!!

Proverbs 31:17 She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.