Nov 28, 2009

Hungry, tired, excited . . .


Another baby on the way, estimated arrival date: July 3rd 2010!
Thank you, Lord!!

Nov 4, 2009

Praying for Pop-C

Hello Family and Friends,

I want to take a moment to honor Pop-C. Pop-C is my Dad's dad. He turned 95 years old on Saturday, Halloween Day. Pop-C is one of the sweetest, most caring and nurturing men I have ever known. For several years my Mom-C was in a wheelchair and he happily cared for her and pushed her around well into his 80's. Pop-C is also a highly intelegent man. In fact, he was one of the engineers that created the paint that is used on roads. He helped figure out how to make the paint reflective at the correct angle at night. He would be happy to tell you all about it. What I remember most strongly about Pop-C is that every time we went to visit him he would try to teach us about our ancestors back for generations. My brother and I would sit and listen to him and try our very hardest to act interested. What I appreciate most about Pop-C was his ability to work with his hands. He was a wood worker. He built a kitchen set for me when I was a little girl that Mandie plays with daily now. He could fix anything, anywhere, anytime.

This past Friday night, the day before his 95th birthday, Pop-C was admitted into the emergency room. He is having a lot of trouble taking in oxygen. And the doctors are still unable to get his oxygen levels under control. This afternoon, Pop-C will head back to his house. He is not expected to make it very long. Please say a prayer for my family at this time. Especially for my Aunt LaJean who has been his primary care-giver for the past few years. It is an honor to be the grand daughter of a man like Pop-C. It is a privalege to cary on his legacy. His life will be celebrated and honored, but it is always hard seeing life come to an end. But our great hope, that guides us everyday, is that the Lord Jesus Christ died for us, saved us from our sin, and accepted us into his family. He is teaching us how to live on earth, and he has a room waiting for sweet Pop-C in Heaven. I hope it's close to mine!

I love you Pop-C. Thank you for your righteous life, your wise words, and your steady example!

**Update: Pop-C passed away on Friday afternoon. Funeral services will be held in Lubbock on Monday morning. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Pop-C's passing was very peaceful.