Sep 29, 2011

Fair Fun

Last Tuesday Nana Jana took us to the Tri-State Fair! We enjoyed riding rides, petting animals, watching performances, and most of all, eating carmel apples and fried potatoes! We had a great time! Thank you NJ for you generosity! We love our Nana Jana Banana Bobana!!

Sep 28, 2011

Faces (and feet) of Family


(Mandie took the picture of Michael's feet)

A Favorite Baby Thing

This is truly one of my favorite baby moments. The other night we were all sitting around the dinner table talking away. I looked over and saw . . .

Oh, I do love him so much. 

Brothers and Sisters

Sitting in the front yard this summer:

Sep 14, 2011

A Bear of Very Little Brain


I feel often times that my head, unfortunately, is filled rather sparingly, which is also unfortunate, with fluff. After 257 pages of Winnie the Pooh (which is still 5 chapters short of the end), I have concluded that pooh and I have two things in common, a sweet tooth, and a fluff-filled noggan. Thankfully, after much effort on my part and much answered prayer on the Lord's part, I honestly feel like I am becoming much less of a flake. As far as I know, I have missed fewer appointments, returned more phone calls, and been late far less often. Praise The Lord!! In some strange way I feel like homeschooling has given me the right amount of structure and responsiblity to help me get my cotton picking act together! I am so relieved. It is worrisome to me that another pregnancy may in fact put me right back in flake-ville, not that I am pregnant . . . just speculating.

In other news, I met a lovely lady in Bible class this morning who also suffers from Rhuematoid Arthritis. She also handles her arthritis non-medically. She also has found that she feels really good when she cuts out wheat, sugar and dairy (and she even cuts out pork) from her diet. She is in her early 60's and has had RA for about 10 years. I am in my late 20's and have had RA for about 5 years. I am so hopeful that I will be able to manage my RA this way forever. BOOOO harmful arthritis meds!!!!! I have been walking a couple of miles most evenings for several months, and I even jog here and there when my body feels really good. I think the regular exercise is making a huge positive difference as well!

Here's an interesting fact: I have been married to an optomestrist for 4 years, yet I have not had an eye exam during that time.In Luke's 4th year of optometry school he began seeing patients. I eagerly made my way downtown to be one of his first patients. He gave me an exam, told me I had perfect vision and did not need glasses, then joked with his professor that that was an 'exam in a can' because I had nothing wrong and required no perscription. Here we are four years later and I feel like I'm having trouble seeing the print on signs at long distances. Sure enough, after giving me a non-can eye exam on Saturday, Luke informed me that I am in fact far-sighted (what a shame that I do not know how to spell that word . . . is that how you spell it? I'll ask him later!!) He proceeded to fit me with a new pair of glasses that I received yesterday. Within just minutes of putting those babies on, I could see EVERYTHING! Every sign, all the leaves on the trees, the fine details of pictures, I even felt like a was seeing the clouds in a whole new way. It was awesome!! Also, I don't squint anymore. I don't have to. I can see everything clearly, no squinting required. Hooray for glasses!! After being that man's patient, I am simply amazed by what a skillful doctor he is. I am also so impressed by the happy atmoshphere he has created in his office. What a mighty good man. In my next post I'll try to put up a picture of me sporting my new eyeware! Until then, hope you and yours are well!!

Sep 9, 2011

Silly Little Memories

A few little anecdotes to remember about each of my babes.

Mandie learned a song at Bible study on Wednesday to help her remember her Bible verse. The verse is "I will be with you always" Matthew 28:20. You sing the verse to the tune of London Bridge is falling down. Mandie decided to change it up a little bit. Instead of singing "Matthew 28:20" She changed the words to "Mandie 28:20" I guess she didn't think it was right that Matthew's name was in the song and her's wasn't. She can't sing it with a straight face. She starts cracking up every time. She's hilarious I tell you!

Matthew has experienced a major, mind-blowing, momentous occation (according to his Daddy). He has officially begun viewing the first episode of Star Wars. Tonight after the viewing, while I was tucking the little skywalker in, I was trying to tell Him that he will be a warrior for the Lord. He was so excited! He kept asking me all of these application questions like " Mom, will I still live here? I haven't heard the Lord speak, when will he tell me? Where will I get my sword?" I assured him that when the Lord speaks to him he will know it. I told him I don't know when the Lord will need him or what his mission will be . . . but when the Lord calls on him, he'll be ready to go. Now I sit wondering, what are the Lord's plans for that little boy with a lot of heart.

And for Michael, that little guy does not . . . I repeat . . . does NOT. . .  like the vacuum cleaner! When I turn on the vacuum cleaner he chases me around the house. He whacks at the vacuum cleaner and he says "No! No!" to the vacuum cleaner. Oh my. He is doing so well, though. Growing like a weed, trying to figure out how to run, saying a few words here and there (but mostly communicating via gestures and grunts and groans). He is into EVERYTHING! He pulls things from the wall. He dumps drawers. He unfolds blankets. He tears papers. Oh dear!

That's it for this little update. Hope all is well with you, too!