Apr 1, 2011


While talking with Luke on the phone today (he was at work) a series of events transpired. He told me I really needed to blog about this day. So here I go.

The big kids had just come in from playing in the backyard. They had started arguing, so I told them to each play in their own rooms for a while. Michael was tired and starting to fuss. I decided to go ahead and nurse him so that he could take a good long nap (wishful thinking in our moving house). About 3 minutes into nursing his eyes are growing very heavy. When the phone rings he stirrs, but settles again as Luke and I get into our conversation. Minutes pass, Micheal's eyes are sweetly shut as he eats. Suddenly, a rush of chilly morning air blows into the living room as the backyard door flings open. It seems the door was not shut all the way. Mandie runs in to shut the door. Baby is startled, eyes open, but he manages to find sleep again after a moment of readjustment on his part and a few choice words spoken in baby babble. Minutes pass. Baby almost down for the count, "Mommy, I'm all done pooping" Matthew yells from the bathroom. My choice is to either make Matthew wait probably 10 or 15 more minutes on the pot for a wipe, or set the baby down to clean him up and then start over with baby. I know that if I choose the first option I will hear "Mommy! I'm all done pooping!" every 20-30 seconds which will undoubtedly wake up Michael anyway, so I opt to put him down to take care of his brother. When I come back for Michael it seems he has a second wind, he shows no interest in sleep or food at this point and he begins another exciting adventure crawling and pulling up, finding and tearing apart, grabbing and pulling over. You get the idea.
 I feel like I spent the next hour finding him.
Finding him with a piece of chalk in his mouth 3 times, It seems the big M's did not put the chalk lid back on after drawing.
Finding him with a handful of dirt from the potted plant in his mouth twice. This one I can't blame on the kids, but I just don't have another place to put those darn potted plants.
Finding him stuck under end tables.
Finding him with dry eraser marker marks on his face (thanks M2 for not putting the lid back on that one!)
It was nuts.
The dude is everywhere.
This is life right now.
It's nuts. But it's good.

Also, here are some of my favorite pictures from March. My Aunt and Uncles came to visit!