Oct 8, 2017

What's Next!?
-By Dr. Luke-

What have we been up to? Well, let's see!
Since August, we've had King's Kids camp with about 60 kids from all over the Guadalajara area. They come to learn, to form friendships, and to become the godly leaders of tomorrow. Our good friend, Dennis Mixer, migrated to the YWAM base in Mazatlan and has started his Bible School for the Nations class. You can read more about his journey on his Facebook site.

Mandie was super excited to start wearing braces...that is...until the painful first few days hit! She's doing well with her 'expanser' now, and will be tightening it up every 2 weeks for the first year. The rest of the kids are doing well too and happy to be 'state-side' for now.

We left YWAM Guadalajara at the end of August. We left for a few different reasons, but mainly for work. I was able to work in Hobbs and Las Cruces, New Mexico through the end of September. During that time, Cassie and I have found a place south of Albuquerque to 'homebase' our future ministry and mission work from. We found a country home with lots of room for the kids to run. We'll be, hopefully, closing on the home very soon so we can move the family in.

The mission work continues:
In a week, Lord willing, I'm headed back to Mexico! I have to finish the process of getting my Residente Permanante (Mexican green card) as this will make it much easier to travel back and forth from the U.S. to Mexico. Then I'm off to Mazatlan to work with the YWAM base located there. The base director, Brent, has a massive new building plan for their base and I'm happy to help. We will be serving the community there through many ministry opportunities and doing tons of construction on the base as well. The base there is an old hotel, and he's gotten it approved to add 3 more floors. When I last spoke with Brent, he shared his vision of having 1,000 missionary students trained at that school next year! Wow...what a goal! I'm happy to help.

In November, we will head back to the States to work a bit more and spend the holidays with our families. December brings another mission...an Optometry mission! In December I'll head down to San Carlos, Mexico to see patients and share the good news. The bulk of the help will be coming from Village Evangelical Free Church in Indiana. We should have 3-4 eye docs and over 30 other folks to help with a youth program and sharing the Good News with the people of San Carlos and Guymas, Mexico.

There are plenty more plans after the first of the year that we are prayerfully considering and I'll let you know about in the next entry!

God Bless and let's get to sharing the Good News!