May 29, 2010


Well, I am nearing the end of being pregnant with little Haney #3. And I am officially one tired chick! I have lost all motivation for housework. I'm tired. My joints are swollen. And I feel like being a little whiny about it!! There is so much to do, and I get a spurt of nesting energy about 3 out of every 10 days . . . in which I get a LOT done!! But the rest of the time . . . not so much. I am looking pretty big! I'll get Luke to take a tummy picture to add later. OK, I'm done complaining. Guess I'll go lay on the couch now.

May 19, 2010

I Love Lucy

Meet Lucy!!!

Well, technically this is not Lucy.
BUT, Lucy is a beautiful black cow.
Lucy is OUR cow.
Well, technically not all of Lucy is our cow.
We bought a cow share. Now, I know some of you may have a timeshare, in which you own a house in a fun to visit location for a week or two every year. Well, around here we are into cow shares. This means we own enough of Lucy to be entitled to 1 gallon of her precious milk every week. You can learn about cow shares and Lucy's precious milk at Heritage Dairy Farms of Canyon Texas website.

May 16, 2010

And they called him . . .

Michael Thomas Haney

Finally we have named our child. We love him. We can't wait to see him. We are so glad the little angel has a name!! 7 weeks to go!

May 14, 2010

Rainy Day . . . What a Blast!!

Today was wet. It was rainy. It was cold. It was FUN!

This morning my kids and I headed off to the King's Academy like we do every Friday morning. Mandie was upset because she does not like her KA shirt. But she perked up when I asked her if she wanted to wear her pretty rain coat with hearts all over. I advised her that this might be a good idea . . . because the weather woman said there may be rain today. She happily obliged. Matthew wanted only to wear his brown aviator coat and brown boots that he wears everywhere. I said sure.

When we got to school we had breakfast, then chapel, and then we began to rehearse for our end of school program called "Christian Mother Goose". You might want to put this event on your calendar because being that I am Mother Goose, I totally am the star of the show (HA!). Anyway, at the the end of our program the kids sing this song called Big Big God while the end of year slide show plays in the background. It just so happened that during this time some people from the mayor's office who were accompanied by some people from New York (I'm not quite sure who everyone was really) popped in to tour our school and they were able to sit in on our song and slide show. Does God have timing or what!?! They were impressed with what we were doing there, and they ended up making a very generous, much needed donation to our school when they left! Thank you Lord!!

Then, I got to go on a field trip with the Pre-K and K class to the downtown post office. Lenise was our guide, and she did an excellent job! We were all a little wet and windblown the whole time (except Mandie of course who was wearing her rain coat!). But we learned so much about the mail and had a great time!

Later at school I got to work in Matthew's room a little bit. That's always a treat because usually I don't see him too much during the day. But today I took him to lunch and put him down for his nap. It was fun. PE went well, I had a "breakthrough" with one of the girls who can have a little, OK a LOT of attitude! So that was great!!

On the way home from work I was debating in my mind whether or not to speak the following words to my children, "Hey guys, maybe when we get home we can go for a walk in the rain!" But before I knew it they were out and we were making plans to hit the sidewalk puddles! At first Mandie was just cold, wet, and miserable. However, she eventually decided to splash in a few puddles and before long she was giggling like the little school girl she is. Matthew didn't talk much. But he liked to jump in puddles, and he was smiling the whole time. Sometimes he wanted me to carry him. He wasn't sure what to make of it until it was over. When we returned home we stripped down and hopped in the warm tub to get clean and dry. Then we cut a watermelon in half and began spooning out the sweet, tastey goodness! After the three of us consumed an entire 6 dollar seedless watermelon, Daddy came home from work, we played 'homeschool' (Mandie calls it playing homeschool anytime we do anything halfway educational around here!) by counting out and building with popsickle sticks. Then some family time. Then dinner where we all ended up belting out "Snuggle Puppy" at the table. Then we brushed teeth, put on jammies, and I kissed Matthew off to be tucked in by his Daddy while I tucked in the silliest giggle box on this side of the Mississippi! It was so fun!! I topped off my day by heading to the new drive through Pack A Sak for a 'Turtle' candy bar, and am now spending some relaxing time on the computer. What a fun, wet, silly day!! Thank you Lord!! I hope we can have more days like today.

May 12, 2010

Make the Girl Laugh, She'll Return the Favor

When Mandie gets to laughing, and I mean all out belly giggling, hard to breath. lost all control laughing, she has started saying something so funny!

"Oh, _____________(mama, bubba, whoever)!!! You are just cerackin me OUT!!"

So then we all get to going, and before we know it we are all cracked out. Silly, lovable little girl!

All laughter has been greatly appreciated today considering the fact that I threw up all morning, and laid like a wet noodle in bed all afternoon. Hope tomorrow brings recovery!

Make the Girl Laugh, She'll Return tne