Aug 30, 2008


Yesterday I noticed that there was some water under the fridge. I opened it up and realized that things seemed to be defrosting. I told Luke, he said the door must not be closing all the way. So we made sure the door was shut . . . the problem didn't go away.

Apparently Mandie is now strong enough to open the fridge on her own, and she decided she should just turn the dial to '0'.

Aug 27, 2008

Confessions on the Pot

OK, these confessions are not actually ON the pot . . . but they are related to the pot. Two posts down I make a lot of braggadocios (spelling??) statements about Mandie and her potty training achievements. Let me set the record straight that I may not be a stumbling block for any other mommies out there who may be struggling (as I actually am too) with the pot. The following confessions are in no particular order:
#1. Luke and I felt that maybe Mandie was getting too much sugar eating all those suckers for going tee tee on the pot. So we upped the ante and told her that if she tee tee'd on the pot she could put a sticker on the chart, but if she went Poo Poo on the pot THEN she got a SUCKER!!! By getting really excited about it, we hoped that she would go along with it . . . Mandie immediately decided that without a sucker, peeing in the pot really isn't all that exciting . . . even if you still get to sing the "Mandie went tee tee in the Pot-ty!" song.
#2. When Mandie goes tee tee on the pot, she does get really excited and say,"Mommy, I go tee tee in the potty!!" But, she also has announced many times to me: "Mommy, I go tee tee in my diaper!" "Mom, I go tee tee on the floor!" "Mommy, I go tee tee in the tub!" "Mommy, I go tee tee in my panties!" Each of which is immediately followed by, "need, need, need . . . need sucker, Mommy!"
#3. I think Mandie may go to college before she learns to go poo poo in the pot! If she needs to go, and we manage to convince her to try sitting on the pot before it's too late, she simply cries out "I can't I can't!!" with a lot of drama and puppy dog eyes until we all agree that she should go poo poo in a diaper. After going poo poo in a diaper, Mandie is very convinced that she needs to see her poop. I have no idea why, but it's really the only way I can convince her to let me change her diaper, if she gets to see it! I guess I thought that would be a boy thing. Hmmm.
#4. I have not even thought about night training. She wears a diaper every night. I have no idea how you do night training, and I have no idea how long it will be until we are there. Any advice here?

That's enough confessing for one night. I would however like to add that Mandie and her potty training status is ever changing. Some days are great. Some days are diaper days all day long. But everyday must be one day closer to all potty all the time. To all you other sweet Mama-cita's out there on the front lines (a.k.a. the bath mat) hard at work encouraging, inspiring, and applauding your little one and their pottying efforts: I have no advice. I think everyone just does the best they can, and eventually every little girl or guy just gets it! Good luck!!

Babies, Babies Everywhere . . . but not a wink to sleep!

Today was my first day as a sub at kid university! (OK, not really a sub today. I was a babysitter while all the actual teachers had a meeting). Anyway, I was in the nursery with my new friend Sara (who I felt so blessed and inspired by today), and six little babies (including my Matthew and her Sydney). We had mostly smooth sailing, but towards the end a lot of little ones were missing there own Mommy's and their own beds. There was one little one who really didn't get even a wink of sleep all day, she would rock and swing, and happily not nap while she rocked!) It was a fun day full of rocking, bouncing, and baby talk! Mandie stayed in there with me and she did a TERRIFIC job! She would talk to the babies and make them laugh and smile. She found a little baby doll that she nursed, and changed her diaper, and carried all around. Mandie is an enormous blessing in my life. I am so filled by her sweetness, her humor, and her loving and caring spirit! Anyway, it was fun. And when we got home I was SO TIRED! It probably did not help that I have been up since 5 am with my little man! I am really looking forward to spending more time up there and getting to know all of the other Mama's and their little bundles of joy (of all ages)! And what I really want to do is listen and watch and learn the diffierent ways these admirable, loving, Godly women run their families and teach / love on their children, and then pray and pray that being around them makes some of their good stuff rub off on me!!

Aug 21, 2008

Silly faces!

Good news! Mandie now can go #1 on the pot!! #2 is much more comfortable in the diaper. So when she needs to go #2, she says "need, need, need . . . need diaper!". After going #1 in the pot she says, "My go tee-tee, Mommy!! . . . need sucker!" She gets a sucker if she goes in the pot. Here is the sweet girl on the pot:

Here are some fun bathtime pictures (don't worry, the stuff on her face is just fruit smoothie):

These are just some cute pics of my little lady:
I LOVE this last one!

Aug 10, 2008

Grumpy Old Men

And for good measure here's my favorite picture of Matthew and Keyton, those sweet 'grumpy old men'!

Little Friends

We have been SO blessed to have made some really great friends here in Amarillo. They have a daughter named Paisley who is just a little younger than Mandie, and a son named Keyton who is only 6 weeks younger than Matthew. We have been so blessed to spend a lot of time with them. During that time Mandie and Paisley have really had some fun. Paisley, this one's for you sweety!

Aug 5, 2008

Ruidoso Family Reunion!

Good News! I'm blogging early!! Who needs to do school work anyway?

OK, first of all, who knew that you spell Ruidoso like that!! I honestly wrote in my planner:
Ria Dosa. Luke was like, honey . . . that's not how you spell it. I spelled it so wrong it like made Luke sad. Anyway, he's happy again now.

Ruidoso was a very very very wonderful vacation!! We left on Thursday and arrived in time for dinner on Thursday evening. The trip down was good. We just turned on the wiggles, read some books, drew some pictures, the kids did great. While we were there we went hiking, shopping, eating, and we spent some great time with our cousins! Not to mention there was one day that I got a two, count 'em TWO hour nap, followed by a 30 minute massage! Mandie and Matthew were so good the whole time! We got to see little Emma and Noah, they are our cousins Casey and Kristen's twins that were born just weeks after Matthew. We spent time with Dusty and Heather who have a little boy coming soon. We spent some time with Grand Mimi, Mandie and Matthew's great grandmother, she was related to everyone there . . . all 5 of the babies (counting the one on the way) are her great grand-children! And the way home was easily the most pleasant car trip I have had since having children . . . Thank you Lord!!

Of course, we took two camera's down and only took like 3 pictures the entire time. But we will get some pics from our family and I'll post them soon.

Thank you Lord for creating the mountains! Thank you for your majesty. Thank you for quiet moments and quiet places. Thank you for your love. Thank you for family. Please help me to create a family in my home that resembles the one you have created for us in Heaven! I love you Lord! Amen!!

H!! I almost forgot! The last night we were there we went Go-Cart racing. When we arrived I didn't even think that I would race, it didn't even occur to me that it was an option. I just thought I'd watch the babies while the boys did there thing. We'll, there were so many g-ma's there to do the watching I decided to race right along with the boys! Mandie almost went with me. She was really really excited about getting into the car, until it was actually time to get into the car at which point she had a major melt-down. So Mimi came and rescued her. But she did not like even watching Mom and Dad race. Mimi said she kept saying "get off Mommy!!" through her tears! Anyway, my racing instincts kicked in and I finished the race ahead of all of those boys! That's right, I won, yeehaa!! It probably had something to do with the fact that the boys were to busy bumping and crashing to worry about racing. Oh well, I'll take what I can get! I really do love racing. I know why I was a runner in my younger years. It really gets my adrenaline going. I think I'll have to do that more often! OK, that was one moment I didn't want to forget in my Reah-Dough-suh memories. Have a lovely day!

Aug 3, 2008

Updates on the way!

Well, I've been looking at my blog, and I must say it needs to be cleaned up! There are links that don't work, posts that aren't posted, posts that aren't even written. So, in 4 days when my summer session is over, cleaning up my blog and posting are my top priorities. Until then, I'll just enjoy the work the rest of you have done on your lovely blogs!