Feb 21, 2009

Getting it OUT

I have blogged a hundred times in my head, unfortunately none of them actually made it to the computer. There have been times that I started to blog, but what I had to say seemed way to petty to even write it down. Other times, my arthritis simply made me feel to crummy to make the effort. Still other times, I wanted to post pictures (like from Disney Land) that are STILL on my camera. Or, maybe, I was too busy with a birthday (yay, Matthew is ONE), or my job, or just being a mom, or HOPEFULLY, I decided to have a little talk with Jesus instead.

There is a lot going on around here lately! Mandie is as sweet as ever, she is still REALLY enjoying her dress up clothes! She's really dependable in the potty department. Her vocabulary and ability to form sentences and make statements is really fun, and pretty impressive if you ask her Mama! Also, she is really getting into imagination and pretending. She loves to make jokes. And she still LOVES her babies. She is always telling them, "I love you SOOO much!".

Matthew is turning out of a baby - is that an OK sentence? Just a couple of days ago he just stood up in the middle of the open floor for 15 seconds (this is according to Luke, I was giving Mandie a bath at the time, of course)! Yay!! He's not walking yet, really he's not even standing consistently . . . but he has stood up like 3 times. He is a lot more talkative. He's always saying "mama", and "dada", and "buba" which he seems to think is really funny! He also says "uh-oh", "ep" (yup), "ooohhhhh" (meaning "hold me mama"), and a few more. He LOVES toys. Mandie was just never really into toys, except babies of course. Matthew loves toys. He still nurses 4 (and sometimes 5 but that is RARE) times a day. I'm still planning on nursing for 18 months. I just think it's good for him. I'm really proud of him, can't wait to watch that boy grow up!

Luke is great! He has been so supportive and integral to helping me treat my arthritis "naturally". I won't go into too much detail here, but I'm trying anything and everything I can in this department. I figure I'm only 26 (just had the b-day on the 19th!), and I'm not ready to take scary meds that have scary long-term side effects right now. If I was 50, or 60 maybe I would be more willing to start on these meds . . . but I want to put it off for as many years as possible. So that leaves me with 'alternative' medicine, which takes patience, but I'm enjoying the process . . . at least for today.

Most importantly, I truly believe that the Lord has placed a calling on my heart. Therefore, I have accepted a teaching position at a new school opening in August. The school is for inner city Amarillo kids. It's a Christian education at no cost to the students. It is a ministry of City Church. I am honored to be a part of it.

This is the part where I usually promise more posts and more pictures, I'm going to skip that part today. However, although I have been MIA, I have certainly enjoyed reading all of my friends lovely blogs!! And I will certainly continue to do so!