Oct 1, 2018

Luke's Mission Trip to Guayana

A good friend of mine, Dr. Dave, asked me to get in touch with a group of eye docs that had been going to Guayana for the past 20 years.  Dr. Julie has been going since the beginning and was the woman in charge of making arrangements.  She, her husband, and their two kids were planning a trip down with about 5 more people...and, after I had a brief conversation with her and prayed about the decision, I wanted in on it too!  What a neat trip it ended up being!  The Guyanese people are a mix of native tribal people,  African (from the Dutch occupation) and Indian (from British occupation).  They speak a type of English with a thick Caribbean accent that can, at times, be difficult to understand.

Chedi Jagan Internation Airport, Georgetown, Guayana
We arrived at the airport after a huge (18 hour) day of travel from New Mexico to Dallas, Miami, Trinidad and Tobago, then finally, Georgetown, Guayana.  While standing in line to go through Customs, I noticed that we were the only 10 'white folks' in the cue line.  We were sped through the lines by a great guy that worked with the Ministry of Medicine there and we piled into a church van for the 3.5 hour drive to our host house.  That was a long day!

The Local Christian Church
The next morning was church, then we set up clinic and began seeing patients.  
Check out this sign...I love it!!!
The Church that hosted our Clinic

Here are some pictures of the clinic:

We ended up seeing a bit over 1,000 patients before I had to head home.  I came home early to make it to Amarillo for my brother-in-laws wedding...Congrats again Jonathan!!!!

These were some great, hard-working, strong and proud people.  Most of the country is divided into the Hindu and Muslim religion.  In face, right across the street from our Christian church was the little town's largest Hindu church.  We were working with a network of churches that began with 2 missionaries and a vision.  They came down ~20 years before with the goal of planting a church every year.  There are 17 churches so far and 11 of them are financially independent and able to serve the small community in which they are growing.  It was an honor to share the gospel of Hope with these wonderful people and to hear their stories, their struggles, and spend time loving on them!  I met a young boy named Lucas who was a great hugger too!

Dr. Luke with Lucas

Thank you to all of those of you that continue to support us in our journeys to share the Good News!  I constantly feel strengthened by your prayers and the love that you have shared with us.  

We love and pray for you too.
Grace and Peace be with you all!

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